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The Cowboys did what they were supposed to do during their win in San Francisco

Good teams beat bad teams. The Dallas Cowboys are a good team.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

It sure felt like a long time since the Dallas Cowboys last played in, and more specifically won, a football game. An emphatic dubayoo in San Francisco goes a long way in that regard.

The 49ers entered Sunday’s contest hiding behind an 0-6 record. Dallas limped in at 2-3. 2017 had seemingly given us what we knew San Francisco would be, with Dallas falling short of expectations.

We discussed a lot over the past two weeks, after losses to Los Angeles (Rams) and Green Bay, about how San Francisco presented an opportunity to get right. This was a chance to fix whatever needed fixing.

The Dallas Cowboys thoroughly dominated the San Francisco 49ers. Ezekiel Elliott ate so much that buffets across the country might cease to exist, Jason Witten hauled in a one-handed catch, Dez Bryant threw up the x, David Irving and DeMarcus Lawrence wreaked havoc, COOPER RUSH GOT IN THE GAME, and things were so wild that Jeff Heath made two extra points (he missed one but whatever).

It hasn’t felt like it in a while, but the Cowboys are a good team. They’re capable of doing everything they did in San Francisco (sans the Heath thing) on a regular basis. That’s who they are, it’s who we’ve known them to be, and it’s who they’ve always had the potential to be.

In the NFL, good teams are supposed to do something important when they play bad teams. Good teams are supposed to thoroughly dominate bad teams. You don’t look back at Super Bowl champions and their schedules and say, “wow they really squeaked one out against the Browns in Week 12.” Good teams do good team things.

Nobody had dominated the 49ers the way the Cowboys did this season. Much had been made about how San Francisco’s previous five losses were all by a razor-thin margin, and you know why? They weren’t playing good teams! They played division rivals that they know well and bad ones.

Think back to when the Cowboys visited the aforementioned Cleveland Browns last year. What did they do? They dominated, 35-10. That’s what good teams do. They stomp bad teams.

Had Dallas won against San Francisco by a score of say 27-21, we’d be happy, sure. “A win is a win,” would be the battle cry of many across the world, but it obviously doesn’t feel as good as a 40-10 thrashing does.

A lot of people will wonder aloud, “Well, was this game the Cowboys returned to being the Cowboys or was it the 49ers being the 49ers?” The answer is it’s both. The 49ers are a terrible team, and good teams have their way with terrible teams.

The Dallas Cowboys had their way with the San Francisco 49ers, just like they were supposed to. That is the mark of a good team, one that’s trying to be a great team.

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