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Looking at the Cowboys win in San Francisco, by the numbers

The Cowboys got a big win in San Francisco last week, what were the most impressive numbers from their dominance?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at what the Dallas Cowboys did to the San Francisco 49ers, it’s hard to get past the 40 points that they put on the scoreboard.

It was a “get right” game for Dallas if there ever was one, and it was a “even the small things we did right went wrong for us” game for the 49ers. Sometimes that’s just the way the NFL goes.

What type of game was it numerically, though? What do the numbers tell us beyond the obvious? I’m glad you asked because we’re here to answer, By The Numbers, of course.

8: Anthony Hitchens led the Dallas Cowboys in tackles with a nice ocho on the day. It had also been eight weeks since Hitchens suffered the injury many thought would cost him this season during the preseason dress rehearsal against the Raiders.

7: Dez Bryant hauled in seven of his 10 targets on the day for catches. This is his season high in terms of catches, a feat he also accomplished in Denver during Week 2.

3: Dak Prescott threw three touchdowns against the 49ers, which is an incredible accomplishment for any quarterback. This was the third game of the season in which Dak has hit a hat trick (a Dak trick?), not to mention that all three have come over the last three games. (FWIW Terrance Williams also had three targets, but zero catches).

147: Much was made about how Ezekiel Elliott got back to form in San Francisco. He had 147 yards on the ground, which is good for the third most he’s ever had in a game.

18: This was only the second time in Zeke’s career that he scored three total touchdowns, accumulating 18 total points himself.

501: The Cowboys accumulated 501 total yards in San Francisco, the most that they’ve had in some time. I’ll allow you this second to try and remember the last time they crossed 500, this is literally me stalling for you to think, and we have to get to the point. The Cowboys had 512 yards during the 2015 season finale against Washington.

3 (again): This was the third time this season that the Cowboys haven’t committed a single turnover. Coincidentally in their last outing they committed three against the Packers.

5: The Cowboys went for two for the fifth (technically) time in the Dak Prescott era. They have only converted one successfully.

3 (for the 3rd time): The Cowboys have scored over 30 points in three consecutive regular season games. The last time they did this? The end of the 2014 regular season, and they actually did it in four consecutive games then.

18: The Cowboys defeated the San Francisco 49ers for the 18th time on Sunday.

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