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Judge rules against Ezekiel Elliott and NFLPA, six-game suspension will be back after 24 hours pending appeal

The NFLPA and Ezekiel Elliott lose this round of court hearings.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott and the NFLPA lost their latest court case and Elliott’s temporary restraining order allowing him to play lapses, but not immediately. This means the six-game suspension will be back in effect, with one caveat. Judge Katherine Polk Failla’s ruling doesn’t take effect for 24 hours allowing any appeal to the Second Circuit Court.

The NFLPA and Zeke were hoping that Judge Crotty’s temporary restraining order would turn into a preliminary injunction. Now their hopes rest with an emergency motion on appeal. If this fails, Elliott could miss the next six games, just as he and the Cowboys offense were putting together some of their best games of the year.

Alfred Morris, Rod Smith and possibly Darren McFadden would have to try and fill in for Zeke. The Cowboys have held McFadden on the roster without having him active for any games this season, this may be the reason why. He will be fresh and ready to go if the suspension holds.

Zeke would miss these games if his appeal fails.

Sun, Nov 5 Chiefs

Sun, Nov 12 Falcons

Sun, Nov 19 Eagles

Thu, Nov 23 Chargers

Thu, Nov 30 Redskins

Sun, Dec 10 Giants

The judge’s order seems to rest on the idea that the collective bargaining agreement trumps irreparable harm.

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