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Cowboys and Packers: Five bold (and fun) predictions for the game

Did someone say Cowboys/Packers? Let’s have some fun.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to be real with you and say that Cowboys/Packers is one of the greater rivalries across all of NFL History.

Pick whatever you want: The Ice Bowl, Lombardi/Landry, Favre never winning in Texas Stadium, The Dez Catch (he caught it), 3rd and 20... the moments go on and on and on.

In terms of recent history though, the Packers have done a majority of the winning, and that obviously isn’t a whole lot of fun for us Cowboys fans. It’s time to correct that injustice! Dallas will have a chance today at 4:25 pm ET.

When things to kick off, we’ll be rooting for a big win heading into the bye week. What comes with wins? Typically something bold. In the spirit of that, here are our weekly five bold predictions.

Dak Prescott will have over 50 rushing yards

We’ve seen Dak Prescott move those wheels through four games this season. It’s an element to his game that can certainly come in handy, and it’s a great way of extending plays or picking up crucial first downs.

The Cowboys have somewhat lost their identity at times this season. That’s alright, we’re here to remind them who they are... a team that runs the football, runs the football, and oh yea runs the football.

Let Dak run. Free Dak. Ride into the sunset of the first down marker all day long, young Dakota!

Jourdan Lewis will record his second AND third career interceptions

The Cowboys selected Jourdan Lewis during the third round of this year’s draft, but we all know that he’s more talented than that round would imply.

If you follow Lewis on Twitter, you know that he wasn’t too thrilled about Michigan State upsetting Michigan out in Ann Arbor on Saturday. What’s the best way to channel that frustration? Intercepting the greatest quarterback of our generation, of course!

In all seriousness, Lewis has been fantastic this season. His worst game came in his season debut at Denver, and even then he recorded an interception. He’s a player with great instincts that is going to put them to work today.

Ryan Switzer will pick up a first down via jet sweep

Last week’s loss against the Los Angeles Rams was not the coming out party for Ryan Switzer that we’ve all been waiting for, in fact it was a party that makes you want to hide.

We all know about Switzer’s muffed punt, but what we also know is that the Cowboys didn’t at all shy away from him after it. They kept him in on returns and even (FINALLY) used him on a jet sweep.

It was a 26-yard gain on a Lucky Whitehead jet sweep that served as the catalytic moment for the Cowboys late in the second half at Lambeau Field last year (they would score on a Brice Butler touchdown). Go back to what works.

David Irving will outperform DeMarcus Lawrence

For a long time it’s felt like David Irving has had the most ability to be this team’s superstar pass rusher.... then 2017 happened and DeMarcus Lawrence started showing up like he has.

Speaking of that Green Bay game last season, David Irving was a monster in it. He was all over Aaron Rodgers and even picked up Defensive Player of the Week honors after the team’s victory.

I’m not saying that one is going to have seven sacks and the other will have five. I’m saying when it’s all said and done, David Irving will have had the better day. Let’s just hope for seven and five, six and four to be conservative.

Mason Crosby will miss a field goal from within 40 yards

We remember 3rd and 20 from last season’s Divisional Round loss to the Packers as the moment that stole our souls, but Mason Crosby connected on the game-winning field goal.

Enough of that, Mason Crosby. The Packers have enjoyed sharing that photo/memory on social media many a time since then (who wouldn’t honestly). At some point the pendulum has to swing the other way, and it’s going to get Mason Crosby today.

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