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This Sunday we get to learn about the Dallas Cowboys through the eyes of Tony Romo

For the first time in the history of the world, Tony Romo will call a Dallas Cowboys game this Sunday.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 season has been a weird one for the Dallas Cowboys. We’ve had wins, losses, cuts, a retirement, a rain-game, and just about every type of drama you can imagine. One thing we haven’t had that we’d grown quite used to is Tony Romo.

Before this season, you have to go back to a time before iPhones existed to find a Romo-less Dallas Cowboys team. It’s weird how unnoticed all of that’s been, but that’s due in large part to how little he played on the field last season. We had time to adjust.

Tony Romo now clocks in for a different football team, CBS. He’s their number one color analyst, working with Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson every week (sometimes twice).

Romo has taken football fans everywhere by storm with his ability to predict plays, dissect what’s happening, and inject his enthusiasm into a game. He’s risen quickly to the top of his new profession, just like he did his old one.

Perhaps the best way of describing the way Romo is in the booth is that he makes you feel like you’re watching the game together. Whether you’re at a bar, on your couch, or listening on the radio... Romo makes it feel like a collective experience.

This Sunday, for the first time since becoming a broadcast phenomenon, Tony Romo will call a Dallas Cowboys game. He will bring that insight and enthusiasm into AT&T Stadium, and he’ll tell us all about our team through that prism.

Nike had a commercial featuring Michael Vick a long time ago. It was a play on the idea of a ride you could take that would make you feel what it felt like to be Michael Vick on an NFL field.

We are going to get to see what it’s like to experience a Dallas Cowboys game with Tony Romo. This is practically the Michael Vick Experience come to life, only if a handful of variables were adjusted!

We all spend a great amount of time analyzing, discussing, and/or debating matters regarding the Dallas Cowboys with one another and with those in our lives. Now we get to add the opinion of none other than ol’ number nine to the equation. This is incredible.

Think back on the way Romo has called other games this season. The tidbits he’s shared. The coverages he’s diagnosed. The plays he’s predicted.

We are going to get to learn a lot about the Dallas Cowboys through the eyes of Tony Romo, because that’s what he does for a living now, but most importantly because he literally just spent a decade with this team.

You would be hard-pressed to find a soul outside of The Star in Frisco that knows the Dallas Cowboys better than Tony Romo. You’d be equally hard-pressed to find someone who can convey fascinating information in an NFL broadcast better than Tony Romo.

This Sunday we get to see that incredible union, and it’s a game in which the Cowboys host the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the better teams in the NFL. This is going to be an experience like no other, the Tony Romo Experience.

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