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The stay Ezekiel Elliott got for the Chiefs game could prove vital down the stretch for the Cowboys

In the spirit of silver linings...

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott is going to miss this Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons due to his six-game suspension beginning, and he’ll likely miss the five beyond that, too.

All in all, Elliott will miss games in Atlanta, against Philadelphia, against the Chargers on Thanksgiving, against Washington, in New York against the Giants, and at Oakland.

It’s that final one that is at the core of this discussion. The whole “will he or won’t he be suspended” cloud has been one hovering over Elliott for the entire season.

One of those surprises included a stay which Elliott was granted last week, allowing him to play against the Kansas City Chiefs while his motion was being processed.

Zeke played, the Cowboys won, and on Thursday the ruling came down that Elliott’s suspension would begin, effective immediately. This was a result many saw coming, and the stay last week simply kicked the can down the road one NFL game.

To say Zeke played against Kansas City is to put it mildly. Elliott was a critical factor in the Cowboys win, rushing 27 times for 93 yards and a touchdown. He did it all.

The reason this is a point of discussion is because had Zeke not been granted the stay, his suspension would have began with that game. This would mean his first game back would’ve been the Oakland game, which is now the last one of the slate he’ll miss.

Kansas City is a much tougher draw than Oakland, even with the Raiders game being on the road. Given the state of the NFC East these days, every win is going to be critical, and the Chiefs one was a big get.

In the world of the Dallas Cowboys and their football matters, the Chiefs game was essentially traded in for the Oakland one in terms of games Zeke would be suspended for.

It’s not a hard choice, and thankfully the Cowboys won the Chiefs game, or it wouldn’t have mattered.

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