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BTB’s OchoLive: Can Dak Prescott prove that he can win without Ezekiel Elliott?

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Another episode of BTB’s OchoLive is ready for your viewing. In today’s episode RJ discusses the upcoming Atlanta Falcons game. The Cowboys are dealing with a couple of prominent injuries like the ones to Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant. Dez has said he’s going to play, but Tyron is a different story. Should he play? Can the Cowboys win without him? RJ gets into all of that in the show, including whether we will see the return of Chidobe Awuzie.

Then it’s a discussion of the Falcons offense. They have weapons on that side of the ball, but it’s not clicking at all. RJ takes a look at that situation.

Finally, a great discussion about Dak Prescott. It’s been hard for everyone to separate his success from Zeke’s success. Now we’ll get to see Dak on his own, what a great opportunity for him to really shine!

RJ is covering it all. Check it out and a big shoutout to RJ for creating the show. Also, check in every afternoon for the show live on the Facebook page.