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Whose stock is rising and falling after Week 10 for the Cowboys?

Cowboys player stocks that are rising and falling after 27-7 loss to the Falcons.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Cowboys took the ‘L’ against the Falcons in a game with very few positives, if any at all. Whose stock is rising and falling after that week 10 walloping?

Stock Up

Xavier Woods

The best play of the game came from the rookie safety, Xavier Woods. The more playing time he gets, the better this defense will be. Woods was able to keep tracking this Matt Ryan pass and make an amazing diving interception:

The Dallas Cowboys’ secondary is going to be in good hands going forward as Woods is looking to claim a starting role soon. He’s already made more plays than Jeff Heath and heads-up plays like this are going to continue to further the gap between the two.

Stock Down

Chaz Green

It’s easy to beat up on the scapegoat of the entire game and he most certainly deserves it. Dak Prescott came into this game being sacked 10 times all season, he was put down eight times in this game. All of the sacks came from the left tackle position and six were against Green.

Green’s inability to block was worse than bad, he showed that he has no business playing left tackle or starting another game for the Cowboys. He just made a journeyman defensive lineman look as though he’s a bonafide Pro Bowler.

Stock Up

Dak Prescott

Before the flood gates opened and the offense was rendered absolutely useless, Prescott had his fifth rushing touchdown on the season that was set up by Woods’ interception.

Unfortunately, that would be the only points the Cowboys would be able to muster for 60 minutes. The rest of their day would end in sacks, punts, and turnovers. Dak Prescott has had a pretty good sophomore season but attrition has bit this team badly.

Stock Down

Jaylon Smith

It’s unfortunate because he’s a great story but he’s not ready for the load that he’s been given at middle linebacker. This is not to say that he won’t be a good player at some point but he’s a liability right now. Without Sean Lee, this defense has no chance if Smith is playing middle linebacker.

Too many times, he over-pursues or flat-out goes the opposite way of the runner. He plays aggressive but he’s not playing with any discipline and almost shows zero instincts on how to attack the gaps. He may turn out to be a fine player in this league with more polish but right now, this team needs better. Too bad there aren’t many options for them.

Stock Up

Demarcus Lawrence

He’s been outstanding this season along with David Irving. On Sunday, Lawrence brought his sack total to 11.5. The Cowboys have found their pass rush and it’s likely Demarcus Lawrence is about to get paid by this front office.

He’s been healthy and consistent as they come even when he’s not recording sacks. Finally, the Cowboys have found their “war daddy” and with Irving, Maliek Collins, and Tyrone Crawford, they make a solid four-man front.

Stock Down


First of all, those out there expecting a “fire them all” rant will be disappointed. That being said, this coaching staff’s inability to make any sort of adjustments was troubling to watch. The problem is that they kept putting Green out there with very little help expecting different results and they were so wrong.

By the time they put Byron Bell out there, it was far too late to expect late-game heroics. The Cowboys were outcoached in just about every facet of this game. Folks are critical of Jason Garrett’s gameday coaching but all of these coaches were stubborn in this game. For the most part, they left Green out on an island. They have already seen what happens to their defense with Jaylon in the middle, why not try keeping Anthony Hitchens there or try a different linebacker? On offense, defense, and everywhere in between they failed to make any adjustments.

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