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BTB’s OchoLive: Did Jason Garrett handle the fallout from Chaz Green well?

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Another episode of BTB’s OchoLive is ready for your viewing. In today’s episode RJ discusses the fallout from the Falcons game. Much of it centered around the left tackle position. We all saw how important Tyron Smith is to the offense, but will he be ready to go on Sunday? What does his practice schedule this week say about his chances? RJ breaks it down.

On the flip side of that, is the fallout from Chaz Green’s pitiful performance. Not only is there a discussion about whether the coaches didn’t provide him any help, but did they throw him under the bus afterwards? See what others think.

Finally, RJ closes out with a remembrance of Tony Romo who basically handed the team over to Dak Prescott one year ago.

RJ is covering it all. Check it out and a big shoutout to RJ for creating the show. Also, check in every afternoon for the show live on the Facebook page.