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Five bold predictions for Week 11’s Cowboys and Eagles showdown

Let’s have some fun.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s a weird thing when you really think about it.

The New York Giants have four Super Bowls, the Washington Redskins have three, and the Philadelphia Eagles have had 51 tries and come up short 100% of the time.

For some reason though, it feels like we as Cowboys fans despise the Eagles the most, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s that we love Santa Claus, maybe it’s who they are, or maybe it’s just the way it’s always been.

Whatever the case the first installment of 2017’s Cowboys/Eagles kicks off Sunday night at AT&T Stadium. It has the makings of a game we’ll remember for a long time, and typically those bring with it some epic moments.

What will those epic moments be, exactly? I’m glad you asked, my friend. Here are BTB’s Five Bold Predictions.

Whoever starts at left tackle doesn’t give up a sack

Right now the biggest panic within the confines of Cowboys Nation is who’s going to be protecting Dak Prescott’s blind side. This is an understandable thing to be concerned about.

We all saw Chaz Green, who started in place of Tyron Smith last week, have a not so good (really really really bad) day in Atlanta.

The Cowboys quickly came out and said that if Tyron can’t go, Byron Bell will start in his place. Whether it’s Tyron, Bell (shout out Anita Ward), or whoever else, the Cowboys have spent all week addressing this.

I’m calling no sacks from that spot (hides forever).

Jay Ajayi has a critical fumble that results in a Cowboys touchdown

Once upon a time many NFL draft aficionados thought that Boise State’s Jay Ajayi could be the man running behind the Dallas Cowboys offensive line.

Nah, the Cowboys needed Chaz Green in the third round of that 2015 draft instead. Jay Ajayi and his knee concerns went to the Miami Dolphins before he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago.

Last season, during his breakout performance, Ajayi put the ball on the ground four times. This will only be his second game as an Eagle, and that feels like the right time to have a critical fumble.

As Cowboys fans we’ve seen Philly #36 haunt us forever, it’s time for Jay Ajayi to exorcise those demons.

Rod Smith will catch at least three screen passes

Neither the Alfred Morris Express or Rod Smith Experience got off the ground last week in Atlanta. You can thank Chaz Green and Adrian Clayborn for that.

The Cowboys need to move the ball, and they need to throw Philadelphia off the scent. It makes sense that the Cowboys would dump the ball off to a player like Rod Smith at times to get him in open space to hopefully back the defense up a bit.

You can play Cowboys Bingo every week thanks to BTB’s OchoLive.

Set Rod Smith free. Prosper.

Cole Beasley will throw a pass and it will actually work

During last season’s October 30th showdown against the Eagles at AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys got to a point in the game where they were a little desperate. They let Cole Beasley throw a pass!

Also in this game (last year’s game) we saw Chris Jones (YES CHRIS JONES!) pick up 30 yards off of a fake punt. Interesting (scratches chin).

This is interesting because it was just last week that the Cowboys let Chris Jones let a pass fly, albeit ultimately it didn’t matter thanks to a Brice Butler penalty, but it was a great pass nonetheless.

If this is the time of year the Cowboys are looking to recycle stuff and have already used the Chris Jones call, wouldn’t it be time to go Cole Beasley now? Let’s do it.

Xavier Woods lives up to the hype

If you went down to your local cinema right now you’d notice that the new Thor movie and DC’s Justice League are both in theaters. They’re not the super hero that’s going to shine on Sunday, though.

The greatest player in the history of the world (not really but still really) Jeff Heath is going to miss Sunday’s game due to being in the concussion protocol. I didn’t know he had flaws, but hey whatever.

In his stead, the Cowboys will start rookie sixth round pick Xavier Woods, aka X-Man.

X-Men is also a thing in the super hero universe (one of the universes I think? There are multiple?) but they aren’t as cool as Xavier because they require multiple men to get the job done.

It never made sense how the Cowboys were able to wait all the way until the sixth (to be fair they traded up) to nab the Louisiana Tech product. It was his origin story, though and on Sunday we get to see his powers on full display, and they’ll live up to the hype.

I hear “Woods” is a good sequence of letters to wear on your back if you’re a Dallas Cowboys safety.

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