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NFL power rankings Week 12: Have Cowboys bottomed out, or will it get even worse?

A look at where this week's power rankings have the Cowboys and the rest of the NFC East slotted.

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Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Who cares about power rankings when the Cowboys are 5-5? Not many people. But we're forging on regardless, because it's a process. Gotta take it one ranking at a time and focus on what you can control.

Fivethirtyeight - No. 11 (LW: 9)

Elo ratings are a simple system that estimates each team’s skill level using only the final scores and locations of each game.

Sagarin Rating - No. 12 (LW: 12)

These are rankings based on W/L record, points differential and schedule strength.

ESPN - No. 13 (LW: 13)

The Cowboys have been outscored 64-16 over the past two weeks and have genuinely looked awful. They're still 5-5 though, and a win over the Chargers on Thanksgiving could help right the ship, but another big loss could move the Cowboys into train wreck territory.

Yahoo - No. 13 (LW: 11)

What struck me most about Sunday night’s blowout loss to the Eagles is how little fight there was in the second half. I don’t put all of the blame on Dak Prescott, but it’s a bit shocking how far ahead Carson Wentz is in that race.

New York Daily News - No. 13 (LW: 9)

Let's get real: America's Team is toast without Zeke Elliott. The Cowboys have been outscored 64-16 in the two games without their best offensive weapon. Will All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith be healthy to play on Thanksgiving? If not, the turkey isn't the only thing that you can put a fork in.

NESN - No. 14 (LW: 13)

Without their three most important players, the Cowboys were embarrassed by the Eagles on “Sunday Night Football.” If left tackle Tyron Smith can’t play against the Los Angeles Chargers, it will be another long day for QB Dak Prescott. - No. 14 (LW: 11)

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Detroit Free Press - No. 16 (LW: 14)

Last week it was the offensive line. This time around, their defense seemed to stay in the locker room at halftime at home against the Eagles. The Thanksgiving game against the Chargers was thought to be a cupcake, but now ...

USA Today - No. 16 (LW: 14)

Dak Prescott has been sacked 12 times in two games without LT Tyron Smith and RB Ezekiel Elliott. What happens against Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram? - No. 16 (LW: 13)

Rough loss for the Cowboys, who lost their way in the second half.

Here's where Dallas ranks relative to the Eagles, Redskins, and Giants.

Dal_medium Phi_medium Was_medium Nyg_medium
Wk 12 Wk 12 Wk 12 Wk 12
538 11 2 18 27
Sagarin 12 3 16 29
NY Daily News 13 1 - - - -
Yahoo 13 1 15 30
ESPN 13 1 15 29
Sports Illustrated 14 1 13 30
NESN 14 1 17 30
Detroit Free Press 16 1 15 30
USA Today 16 1 17 31
NFL 16 1 15 31
Average 13.8 1.3 15.7 29.7

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