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What some Cowboys fans are thankful for as we head into Thanksgiving Day

It’s time to give thanks.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Our parent company, SB Nation, asked us to do a theme post around Thanksgiving, specifically what we are thankful for. So I asked all the front-page writers what they were thankful for, check it out.

Dave Halprin: I’m thankful for the multitude of people who have helped me maintain and grow BTB over the years. We’ve had so many great writers participate at BTB, some of whom have gone on to write for or manage other sites. We currently have a killer staff of writers who I am so appreciative of for all their contributions. We’ve had podcast people, social media people and various other fans who have pitched in. Also a huge shoutout to the moderators at BTB, who have such a tough and thankless job. So I am thanking them right now.

A final thanks to all of you, the readers of BTB, and those who spend time commenting. Without you, none of this would have happened. Your input and loyalty to the site over the years means so much. Thanks to all who have helped me along the way with this site!

OCC: I'm thankful that I didn't stay up for the Philly game.

I'm thankful that I'm not an Eagles fan.

I'm thankful for Kate Beckinsale.

I'm thankful for 80's glam rock.

I'm thankful for the heated steering wheel in my Challenger.

Tom Ryle: I'm thankful that I have sports to write about, taking my mind off the daily crap going on around us.

I'm thankful that the world seems to be realizing that Roger Goodell is not up to his job.

I'm thankful that the Cowboys still dominate the TV ratings, even when they suck.

I'm thankful that the Giants have Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning (at least for now).

I'm thankful that the Cowboys have found a way to totally eliminate any and all offensive holding calls by their opponents.

I'm thankful for my sarcastic, if sometimes juvenile, wit.

DannyPhantom: I'm thankful for the relevance of the Dallas Cowboys. After enduring the Barry Switzer fallout and the Gailey/Campo years - you really start to appreciate the football seasons where your team has a fighting chance to contend. And just because it hasn't ended in confetti lately doesn't mean there hasn't been exciting times. I'm thankful for a young franchise quarterback that has swung open the door for the great possibilities that the future holds. I'm thankful for Will McClay and how well the team has drafted in recent years. I'm thankful for Stephen Jones and the responsible spending he's employed that hasn't hog-tied our chances to be competitive in the future. And I'm thankful for Jason Garrett, who has put all of this together. It's not an easy thing to work with Jerry Jones and convince him to be patient and build the team the right way, but Garrett has done that and it's just a matter of time before the whole world sees it.

Michael Strawn: I'm thankful some of the best athletes in the world are willing to risk their current and future health to entertain us through a game we love.

I'm thankful modern media gives us the ability to watch, analyze and consume the Dallas Cowboys in ways that were unimaginable to 12-year old me.

I'm thankful Blogging the Boys gives us an outlet for our thoughts and opinions on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL.

I'm thankful so many join us on Blogging the Boys to create an unmatched online community of passionate Cowboys fans.

Michael Sisemore: I'm thankful that the Cowboys are realizing they don't have much of an offense without Ezekiel Elliott. I'm thankful for the possibilities of new offensive weapons in 2018 but that will require the Cowboys to make some tough decisions. I'm thankful that the Cowboys' game will be early this week allowing me to go camping on the weekend with friends and forget about football for the weekend. Most importantly, I'm thankful for my BTB team and community because even when it's bad, it's fun to write about all the ways it can get much better.

Cole Patterson: I'm thankful for the opportunity to write for the best Cowboys site on the web.

I'm thankful to be apart of such a great team of writers and community.

I'm thankful that these last two games may force the front office to make some bold decisions that will help the team.

I'm thankful to be with my family during such a great time of the year.

Joseph.Hatz: I'm thankful that the Cowboys have a great young quarterback to build around, unlike the majority of the league.

I'm thankful for having three All Pro OL in their primes.

I'm thankful for having a young monster pass rushing duo in David Irving and Demarcus Lawrence.

I'm thankful that I have BTB as an outlet to vent my frustrations during a difficult season.

I'm thankful for Bruno Fernando and Darryl Morsell.

I'm thankful that the S&P 500 is up huge.

I'm thankful for the Jags strip sack TD with a minute left in the game vs. Cleveland last week because I'm about picking winners.

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