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Five bold predictions for the annual Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving, BTB!

As is our right as Dallas Cowboys fans, we get to spend the day feasting on food and watching the best team there is play a game of football. It’s a pretty sweet gig.

In the midst of familial chatters, second servings, and maybe planning your shopping for the weekend ahead, we’ve all likely spent a second or a million contemplating the game ahead against the Los Angeles Chargers.

What’s going to happen? How’s it all going to go down? We’ve got the answers, in as bold a fashion as you can imagine. Let’s ride.

Dak Prescott will have over 100 rushing yards

Prior to the game in Atlanta a few weeks ago, the most rushing yards Dak Prescott had ever accumulated in a single game was 39. This came on Thanksgiving Day 2016, and a lot of it was due to the insane pass rush the Redskins brought that day.

The Chargers bring to AT&T Stadium perhaps the best pass-rushing tandem in the NFL, Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. While we’re all hopeful that the leaky offensive line of the last few weeks is better, it stands to reason that Dak could be on the move a lot.

Run, Dak. Run like the wind. Run your way into triple digits.

Philip Rivers will throw two interceptions in the first half

There’s a type of quarterback that is always a little scary when you’re facing them.

I’m talking about the older veteran who’s seen a thing or two and therefore knows how to do a thing or two. Philip Rivers is about 10% past this mark on his career.

Rivers is certainly capable of doing some incredible things in the pocket, but he’s also quite prone to mistakes. He’s thrown seven interceptions this season, including three against the Kansas City Chiefs alone.

It just feels like a day where something like this happens. Go with the feeling.

Dez Bryant gets back in the endzone... finally

It was four weeks ago when the Dallas Cowboys traveled to face the Washington Redskins when we all went on Dez alert.

You see, since then, Bryant has been one touchdown away from having caught more as a Dallas Cowboy than anybody in the history of all things. That’s pretty amazing.

Play Cowboys Bingo all season long courtesy of BTB’s OchoLive.

What’s not amazing is that here we are, four games later, and we’re still waiting for that mark. A mark of one touchdown. Dez Bryant used to be a TD magnet, what happened?

It certainly isn’t for lack of effort. Dak Prescott has targeted Dez Bryant 39 times in this stretch, and we’re still waiting.

With Tony Romo on the call, the waiting ends today!

Anthony Hitchens has a Jordan flu game

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens has been dealing with a groin injury he suffered during last week’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

As it is Thanksgiving, “last week” was four days ago. That’s tough cookies for a groin.

Shockingly, it seems as if Anthony Hitchens is going to be ready to go today against the Chargers, which is quite a feat of medicine and perhaps the human will to win.

This is reminiscent of a performance in the world of sports that happened over 20 years ago (wow), Michael Jordan’s flu game in the 1997 NBA Finals.

How Anthony Hitchens would it be to have a Sean Lee game four days after suffering a groin injury when his team needed it the most?

The Cowboys score touchdowns in both endzones

The Dallas Cowboys have scored 16 points in their last two games. Prior to that they hadn’t scored less than 17 in a single one. How sad is that?

16 points means what you think it does, and that’s one touchdown with three field goals. In their last two contests, Dallas has found the endzone once. Ouch.

This is why even calling for multiple touchdowns of any kind today is quite bold, but we’re taking it one step further since it’s Thanksgiving. Get ready for the Cowboys to score in each endzone, meaning they’ll score touchdowns in differing quarters! How wild is that?!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Have a fantastic day, and Go Cowboys.

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