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The Cowboys are living up to every negative narrative about them

It’s frustrating to hear people talk negatively about the Cowboys. Unfortunately, they have every reason to.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In a day and age where sports talk is available at every corner, takes and narratives are everywhere.

Offseasons are built off of narratives. Who were teams the season before? Who are they becoming through the team-building process? Who will they be next year?

Like clockwork, a few narratives rear their ugly head at the same time every year. Some teams just have a tendency to do or be the same thing.

We’ve all heard the same narratives when it came to the Cowboys of last season. They choked again, it was all the offensive line, Dak Prescott wouldn’t have been anything without Ezekiel Elliott, there are quite a few to choose from.

One of the more disappointing realizations of the 2017 Cowboys post-Thanksgiving is that they are all true, at the very least to some degree.

How many debates, arguments, or general scuffles did you get in over the offseason about how good Dak is? People likely said it was all the situation he was in, and three games without Ezekiel Elliott have done nothing to disprove prove that.

Who among you literally said the words “I’ll take Dak over Carson Wentz any way” only to watch the latter have a much superior season this year.

It’s likely that some of you even discussed how the Jason Garrett era had finally arrived, that his system had finally clicked into place. With the team in as much turmoil as we’ve seen in recent history, the idea that the system is working has to be questioned.

People like to say that clichés exist for a reason, that’s why they’re clichés. Wherever these Cowboys clichés came from, they’re going to be here to stay for a while. And the reason is that the Cowboys are giving everyone a reason to believe them.

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