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Report: Cowboys to release kicker Mike Nugent

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A healthy Dan Bailey means the end of the road for Mike Nugent in Dallas.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey injured his groin during the team’s big win (rare words these days) in San Francisco. This set off quite a chain of reactions.

Safety Jeff Heath filled in on extra points that day, and in the ensuing days the Cowboys acquired a veteran kicker in Bailey’s absence, Mike Nugent.

After four games of work, one of inactivation, Mike Nugent’s watch as the Cowboys kicker has reportedly come to an end.

Nugent filled in decently in Dan Bailey’s absence. He was 7/9 overall, missing literally his first field goal attempt in Washington and another in Atlanta.

Dan Bailey was close to a return during the team’s loss to Philadelphia at home, even warming up pre-game. Ultimately he sat one more time, and Nugent served as the team’s only offense with three field goals.

It was four days later on Thanksgiving that Bailey did return, although he didn’t kick a single thing as the Cowboys went for two after their lone score.

The point about Dan Bailey’s return though is that he has returned. It’s senseless to carry two kickers, and therefore the Cowboys are moving on from Nugent.

Happy trails, Mike Nugent. Thank you for your service.