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Jason Garrett isn’t going anywhere and why you’re going to continue to hate him

Between a disappointing 2017 season and his humdrum press conferences, the Cowboys head coach isn’t winning anyone over.

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The Dallas Cowboys are struggling right now and it’s weighing heavily on their fan base. Many fans want action taken. Whether it’s coaches being replaced, new schemes developed, or just more reps for their favorite players - something has got to change in Dallas. Jason Garrett is responsible for this breakdown and it’s on him to fix it. But for anyone hoping that Jerry Jones has had enough and is real close to making a coaching change, you better put your disappointment-pants on and get comfortable because Garrett isn’t going anywhere.

Jerry Jones has a front row seat to what kind of coach Garrett is. He’s an owner who has been around successful coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells. He’s also been around failures too like Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, and Dave Campo. Whether he’s correct in his assessment or not, he genuinely believes that the leadership of Garrett will bring this organization a championship. If he didn’t, Garrett wouldn’t be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. So if you were hoping that Jason would be in the hot seat, this isn’t comforting news. Face it, Jerry believes in him.

But so what that Jerry thinks that. Since when has Jones been the voice of reason? He could be just as delusional about the state of the Cowboys as Garrett himself whenever he addresses the media after a tough loss. There is absolutely zero emotion from the head coach when many other head coaches would be furious. We’ve all seen press conferences from other coaches after their team got smoked. Sometimes they lose their cool. Sometimes they fumble their speech and get a little silly. And sometimes they just flat out get irate and start taking shots at the media. It’s comical for us, but also a little embarrassing for their fans. But hey - at least the coach cares, right?

Jason Garrett has never lost it after a bad loss and sometimes you can’t even tell from the press conference whether Dallas had won or lost the game. It’s the same demeanor over and over again. Ed Werder recently chimed in about Garrett’s mundane disposition.

On talking about Jason Garrett's overly positive attitude

Werder: When you're in charge, and it's your responsibility to fix something, then I don't think you can downplay the situation like Jason habitually does. He shows no alarm, and his approach, while it's his approach and it's who he is - it's genuine, to me it doesn't inspire among people in your fan base who have doubts that you recognize the depth of the problem and should be trusted to fix it.

Does Garrett not ever get frustrated?

And here lies a big issue for the fans. Garrett’s lack of emotion and responsiveness sends a signal to Cowboys fans everywhere that he’s oblivious that there’s a problem. That is why the clapping meme is so popular. The team is playing really bad right now so for Garrett to just stand up at the podium and treat this like any other loss is going to infuriate people.

But Garrett’s job during a press conference isn’t to comfort us. He’s not going to single-out his players and criticize them like we like to do. He’s not going to attack the officiating no matter how putrid it was. And he’s not going to indulge any hypothetical situations that the media tries to get him to bite on. But just because he’s not doing any of those things doesn’t mean he’s not responsive to the problems going on around him. So you can either stay angry and convince yourself that Garrett lives in his own world of denial about the deficiencies of this team. Or, you can just scratch your mad spot and understand that’s just who Garrett is. Just because he doesn’t react the way we would in that same situation doesn’t mean he’s not taking things serious.

Garrett has been in this social media “hot seat” plenty of times. Twice in the previous three seasons “experts” have projected the Cowboys to have losing seasons and many fans were convinced that Garrett was the reason, but each time he’s come out of it with great success. The problems in Dallas won’t stay problems forever. Whether fans want to acknowledge it or not, improvements get made. So rather than wasting all that time hating on Redball, you might as well nuzzle up and get toasty, because he isn’t leaving anytime soon.

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