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Predictions for the Cowboys and Chiefs game, who will win?

The staff takes a shot at predicting the game between the Cowboys and the Chiefs.

Who will come out on top this Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys host the Kansas City Chiefs? The front-page writers here at BTB took a shot at predicting how the game will play out and who will win.

Dave Halprin: The Cowboys defense probably won't be able to slow the Chiefs offense, but the Cowboys offense will slow the Chiefs offense. Expect Ezekiel Elliott to have a big day, grind out the clock and keep Alex Smith and company on the sideline for much of the game. The game won't be the over-the-top shootout everyone is expecting, instead the Cowboys win a hard-fought 24-23 game.

Tom Ryle: Maybe it's my optimism, but I think the Cowboys are going to win by a couple of scores, like 31-20. I think the pass rush will make things very rough on Alex Smith and one of the DBs, maybe Orlando Scandrick, will get the first interception on him. And the O line, which has been coming together, is going to open some big lanes for Zeke, who will get two TDs.

Danny Phantom: I can't remember being this excited for a football game. This whole Ezekiel Elliott ordeal is wearing on us fans, but I am trying to embrace the fact that we get to watch Zeke play is this all-important battle against the Chiefs. I worry about the Cowboys defense and there are going to be some face palm moments when they give up big plays. I've already come to terms with that. But how efficient Dak and company can be will loom large in determining the outcome. It wouldn't surprise me if the coaching staff got a little fancy and tried to steal a possession away from the Chiefs with some trickery. I'm going with a 33-31 win for the Boys with some enthusiastic broadcasting from Tony Romo that will be icing on the cake.

X-Factor Player: Terrance Williams - look for him to have his best game of the season as his "swag walk" touchdown celebration will make an appearance.

OCC: This will be an interesting game to assess where exactly the 2017 Cowboys stand. There is little doubt in my mind that the 2016 team would have made short work of these 2017 Chiefs, and what I've seen from the Cowboys offense over the last four weeks has reminded me a lot of that 2016 team, plus the Cowboys have got a pass rush now.

The Cowboys are the No. 1 offense in the league in points per drive, and as long as they maintain their scoring pace, the Chiefs may eventually find it hard to keep up.

Michael Strawn: I said earlier this week... I expect one of those crazy, over-the-top, high-scoring, back-and-forth affairs the Cowboys have engaged with other potent offenses the last couple years (think last year's Pittsburgh game). Dallas wins, with both teams scoring more than 32 points. There's big plays by offenses, defenses and special teams (Cowboys' games have largely been void of STs and defensive scores the last few years but I feel like the dam was broken last week). Dez Bryant has a monster game.

Cole Patterson: After a game in which he struggled in rainy conditions on the road, I expect Dak Prescott to bounce back in a big way. Dak will have an efficient day and go toe-to-toe with Alex Smith in what should be a fun Sunday afternoon game. Ezekiel Elliott will come out playing like he is on a mission. He is played like his 2016 self over the last three games, and I fully expect that to continue against a shaky Chiefs' run defense. I would also look for the defense to make a big play -- whether it be a turnover or a big stop late in the game -- that turns out to be the difference in a tightly competitive game. Byron Jones versus Travis Kelce is the match up to watch.

Michael Sisemore: This game is big for both parties but the Cowboys will gain the most from a win. It kind of reminds me of 2014 when they got that huge victory in Seattle. Both of these defenses are suspect but the Cowboys have the better pass rush. For Dallas to won this one, they must keep Alex Smith in the pocket and uncomfortable. The Chiefs have an explosive offense and the Cowboys will have to limit their opportunities to get those huge chunk plays. This has that big fight feel and I think you may have to score 40 points to win this one. Ultimately, I think that Dallas will be trailing late 38-34 but Ezekiel Elliott makes a huge play to seal it 41-38 for the Cowboys.

R.J. Ochoa: The Cowboys are in the middle of a four-game red sea. At the beginning it felt reasonable to suggest that 3-1 would be a victory through it all, but two games in, people are looking to go undefeated. Andy Reid has always played the Cowboys tough, and his Chiefs are one of the NFL's better teams at the moment. While this is a tough test, the return of Ezekiel Elliott is surely one to spark the Cowboys offense in a way that'll have them performing at their peak. Give me Dallas, 33-27.

Now we want to know your brief game prediction with a score. Hit the comments.

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