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Five bold predictions for when the Cowboys host the Chiefs

Can you believe it’s already Week 9?!

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have won two games in a row for the first time this season. Yay.

A season ago they won 11 games in a row, and that was awesome. These days, this particular day, we’d settle for three in a row.

The Cowboys will look to hit the three ball against one of the NFL’s better teams in the Kansas City Chiefs. Needless to say, it’s going to be epic.

In the spirit of a high level of epic, it’s time to get bold. Here are our five bold predictions for Sunday’s game.

Every Dallas Cowboys running back active gets at least one carry

The Ezekiel Elliott will-he-or-won’t-he-be-suspended saga is one that rivals any classic Ross and Rachel discussion. To be frank, we’re all exhausted from it.

The reality is that Zeke may be suspended beginning soon, and the Cowboys need to be prepared for it. They just experienced a few days of that potential life this week, and Alfred Morris looked to be the primary beneficiary on paper.

Given that Zeke didn’t practice the whole week (not a huge deal) and that the Cowboys want to see what everyone else has got, it makes sense that every active ballcarrier would get at least one touch.

Ryan Switzer will end the day with more total return yards than Tyreek Hill

You know who’s dominating special teams for the Dallas Cowboys? Kavon Frazier.

Kavon has been everywhere when it comes to the kickoff/punt game, and that’s a welcome sight for the second-year safety. With one of the more dangerous return men visiting AT&T Stadium on Sunday, we’ll need Kavon’s best.

Ryan Switzer has, well, um, he’s struggled, especially at Washington, in the return game. Switzer is a player who can carry a lot of swagger, and with the Zeke return and everybody feeling invincible... he stands to be someone who channels that greatly.

Tony Romo will tell a story and we’ll all get the feels

It’s typically a few weeks earlier than November for most high schools around the country, but this Sunday is homecoming for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo is back!

Yes, Romo will call his first Cowboys game as the main man over at CBS. We’ve seen him predict the future, inject enthusiasm, and tell many a story halfway through the 2017 NFL season.

Is it not the most predictable thing ever that Romo is going to tell us about Jason Witten lifting 1,000 lbs. during Eagles week? Or about how he and Jason Garrett stayed up until 3 AM diagnosing coverages in preparation of Thanksgiving?

It’s story time.

We’ll remember that Maliek Collins exists

“So as I was saying, in 2017 the Dallas Cowboys had this insane pass rush consisting of DeMarcus Lawrence, David Irving, and Tyrone Crawford.”

We’ll be able to say that to a future generation and it won’t be a lie, how weird is that?

The Cowboys have finally gotten things clicking along the defensive line. This is great. A season ago at this point it was the other member of that unit that was making headlines, then-rookie Maliek Collins.

To say Collins has been the most disappointing of the four is a weird statement (there’s a lot of weird here), he just hasn’t been the most oh my gosh this is amazing. A lot of this is due to the nature of his position, but we’ll forget all about that against the Chiefs.

Andy Reid will lose both of his challenges

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like Andy Reid and managing the rigors of an NFL game.

While Reid’s kryptonite has typically been some level of timeout usage, things are always bigger in AT&T Stadium.

In an NFL world where all turnovers and scoring plays are already reviewed, it is actually difficult to lose both of your challenges. Think about it.

Done thinking? Now think about the way Andy Reid has managed things. An 0-for-2 day is very possible.

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