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Cowboys injury updates on Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Tyron Smith

The Cowboys ran into a rash of injuries toward the end of the game.

The Dallas Cowboys got a thrilling 28-17 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, but did it come at a cost? Toward the end of the game, injuries started to pile up on the Cowboys sideline. Let’s check on the severity.

Dez Bryant was injured when he got popped going over the middle. He came up lame with an ankle injury, but he hopes it’s not a big deal.

“Just soreness. Just a bruise,” Bryant said. “Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be fine.”

“Extremely blessed it ain’t nothing bad. Everything is stable. My ankle is stable. Just going to be sore. As the week progresses, I’ll get better.”

Later, Terrance Williams, who had a huge game, had his ankle rolled on during a tackle. He also thinks he’ll be okay.

Williams has been dealing with the ankle injury since injuring it in the season opener. But it has not sidelined him to date.

“It’s just sore. It keeps hurting,” Williams said. “It’s just one of those things where if somebody hits me too hard it hurts a lot.”

In kind of went unnoticed during the broadcast, but Tyron Smith did not finish the game. It wasn’t his back that was the problem, it was his groin. He injured it close to the end of the game. They hope it’s not serious but he’ll have an MRI done all the same.

Brian Price, who has been doing a good job filling in at defensive tackle as the third guy in the rotation hurt his knee. His looks like it may be a bit more serious given how he was limping off on the sidelines. His self-diagnosis isn’t promising.

We’ll know more on these injuries after today when the Cowboys run tests on them. Everybody hope for the best.

[UPDATE] Archer on Price’s injury:

Defensive tackle Brian Price suffered a sprained MCL and dislocated patella tendon that will keep him out for some time. He will get more tests Monday morning.

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