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10 storylines emerging from the Cowboys win over the Chiefs

Victory! What will the world be saying after the latest Cowboys win?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are winners of three in a row. What do they call that in hockey? A hat trick? The Cowboys have pulled off a hat trick!

After a 28-17 dubayoo over Kansas City, the temperature has changed surrounding America’s Team. Gone are the comments, discussions, and tweets of this team being terrible. Suddenly a contender is on our hands.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that this particular win came against a team many considered to be the best in football not long ago. Whatever the case, narratives are a-changin’ regarding the Cowboys.

What will the world have to say about Dak, Zeke, and Co. now? What narratives will rise next? We give you the answers every week with BTB’s 10 Storylines. Here’s this week’s edition.

The sun at AT&T Stadium is starting to become an issue

Daylight saving time ended in the United States late on the night of last Saturday, November 4th. Amazingly, this was an actual point of discussion when considering the next day’s Cowboys game.

You see, the sun sets in a not-so-flattering way in terms of AT&T Stadium. There’s an insane glare that exists because of it, and it happened an hour earlier because of the time falling back.

This comes up every time the Cowboys play at three o’clock at home, which will happen twice more before season’s end. This is the stadium. This is the sun. Those things cannot change.

Ezekiel Elliott will, assuming no suspension, lead the league in rushing again

Let’s get two things out of the way really quick: Zeke has not only had his bye already, but he had a game with only eight yards rushing. Now consider this.

Ezekiel Elliott spotted Kareem Hunt and Le’Veon Bell some pretty big leads, but he’s narrowed the gap pretty quickly. Assuming his suspension is not enforced any time this season, a large assumption to be fair, he should easily repeat as the league’s rushing champion.

Terrance Williams is good again

If Cowboys fan’s opinions were a greatest hits album, the idea that Terrance Williams is terrible would be one of the first three tracks.

Nine targets, nine catches, and 141 yards is a pretty impressive stat line. You could call Sunday the Terrance Williams game and I wouldn’t be at all mad about it.

Kavon Frazier is turning into the next great special teams ace

Every team needs that dude who dominates on special teams. You know what I’m talking about, the guy that’s just flying like a madman downfield to wreak havoc.

We have that guy, and his name is Kavon Frazier.

These predictable storylines are what the world will say about the Cowboys, and a lot of times they’re truths. This is one of them. Kavon is on fire.

The Cowboys were embarrassing at the end of the first half

Yes, this is another truth. To allow Tyreek Hill literally nothing but open space was, well, uh, not a good idea.

Thankfully those points didn’t matter as the Cowboys won. It is certainly worth noting though and something the coaching staff will likely discuss.

I imagine that discussion will go something like this. “Hey let’s not do the worst possible thing” and it’ll be over.

Jonathan Cooper has ended the talk at left guard

Long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, the Cowboys tried to play Chaz Green at left guard. We don’t miss that galaxy.

Jonathan Cooper has been the far superior option between Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick. The results speak for themselves as Zeke is doing better, Dak has more time, and the wins keep racking in.

Taco Charlton did a thing and it was awesome

In the year 2017 the Dallas Cowboys got a great play out of their first-round pick. This really happened.

Taco Charlton has been the criticism of many a Cowboys fan pretty much since the moment he was drafted by the team. A taste of victory in terms of his first NFL sack is a great sign.

Does this mean Taco Charlton is awesome all of a sudden? Of course not, but he’s not the worst thing ever either. A good thing happened with Taco Charlton. Smile about it.

The Cowboys are a contender again

The Atlanta Falcons were the NFC’s representative in the Super Bowl (28-3 holla), and entering Week 9 with a 4-3 record kept them alive in terms of playoff talks.

The top seed from the same conference a year ago has been written off a lot halfway through their 2017 campaign, and it looks like a 5-3 record has people believing again.

The Cowboys were always a contender. So were the Falcons. If you’re hovering around .500 in a week before 10, you’ve got a chance.

Sean Lee’s presence is so valuable

Shocker here, but Sean Lee means a lot to the Dallas Cowboys defense.

Over the Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott era, Sean Lee has played in 22 of a possible 25 games. The Cowboys are 18-4 in that time (Giants, Giants, Packers in playoffs, Broncos).

To say that Sean Lee is the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys defense is to say sugar is the heart and soul of candy. He means everything.

The Cowboys are still alive in the NFC East

Almost a month ago, we told you the route the Cowboys had to take in order to catch the Eagles in the NFC East.

Philadelphia is 8-1 and on a bye. Dallas is 5-3 and headed to Atlanta. After that, we’ve got quite the battle set for November 19th.

There is no getting around it, the Cowboys must win that game if they hope to repeat as division champions. The thing is though, they have all the control, which is a good thing.

With Philly on a bye, the Cowboys can keep their head down in hopes of winning two in a row. That would put them at 7-3 and drop the Eagles to 8-2 entering Thanksgiving week.

That’s a whole new ballgame, people.

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