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NFC playoff picture: The path for the Cowboys is now pretty much defined

Did the Dallas team get any help on Sunday?

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are doing their part, they are putting together a winning streak in an attempt to get into the playoffs. Dallas is now 7-6 after their win over the New York Giants, but still need to win out to have any hope. They also need help from some other teams, but things didn’t go so well on that front in Week 14.

It started on Thursday night when the Saints were knocking on the door of a victory over the Falcons, until Drew Brees threw an interception in the end zone. The Falcons are 8-5 with the tie-breaker over Dallas, so they need to lose two of their next three for Dallas to catch them. They finish with the Bucs, the Saints and the Panthers. That Panthers game could be the key.

The two teams that Dallas needs one loss apiece from both won. Green Bay came back and beat Cleveland in overtime, keeping them tied with Dallas but holding the tie-breaker. Detroit also won over Tampa Bay on a last-second field goal. They are also 7-6.

The Cowboys did catch a break when the Jaguars beat the Seahawks. With that result, the Cowboys path to a playoff spot if pretty clear, but not in their own control.

First, they have to win out to get to 10-6. That will also take care of Seattle, who could finish no better than 10-6 if they lose to the Cowboys, and Dallas would own the tie-breaker.

Next, the need a loss from Green Bay and Detroit along the way.

Finally, the easiest path would be for the Falcons to lose two more games. If they lost to the Saints and the Panthers, then the Cowboys would slide into the last playoff spot.

[Updated correction: the following paragraph has been added because the Panthers are also a target, the original article made a mistake in that regard.]

You could also work a similar scenario with the Panthers, because of the conference records. That Falcons and Panthers have to play each other at the end of the year, so whoever loses that game needs to lose another game along the way

But if the Cowboys can win out, get a loss from Green Bay and Detroit, and two from the Falcons or Panthers, they would be in.

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