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Poll: What do you make of the lack of holding calls against the Cowboys this season?

It’s reached the point where it’s, at the very least, hard to ignore a statistical outlier.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been an ongoing tally happening during Dallas Cowboys football games this season.

The number of quarters the team has/had gone sans holding penalties called against the opposing offenses was one that, as it grew, enraged Cowboys fans all the more.

This phenomenon has reached an interesting point. The mothership’s David Helman recently did the necessary homework, and the data is indeed very interesting.

Why is this an interesting set of data, you ask? Seven holding calls through 13 games might sound weird with no barometer, which is where the league average comes in.

It is, unquestionably, extremely weird that the Cowboys have gotten half of the league average in this specific category. Very weird.

There are a few that lump this up to a conspiracy of sorts, noting the battles between Jerry Jones and different members within the top of the NFL’s hierarchy. I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories personally, but it should at the very least acknowledged how weird the situation is.

What’s funny is this situation was somewhat acknowledged after the latest Cowboys win in New York. The NFL’s sack leader DeMarcus Lawrence sounded off on the level of officiating he’s seen.

While it’s fair to say that we all acknowledge the weirdness involved here, it’s also fair to say that poor NFL officiating isn’t exclusive to the Cowboys.

It was just Week 13 when, during Monday Night Football, ESPN’s Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden sounded off on the porous job done by officials in the game. This is one of presumably many examples any of us can name when it comes to poor officiating.

While there is a seemingly consistent pattern pertaining to the Cowboys when it comes to these holding penalties, or lack thereof, arguably the most consistent variable over a much larger portion of time is the irregularity of NFL officiating.

What do you think, BTB? What do you chalk all of this up to? Let us know.


What do you make of the lack of holding calls against the Cowboys opposing offenses this season?

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  • 75%
    Something is definitely up, the data doesn’t lie
    (1795 votes)
  • 24%
    It’s just a weird coincidence, more likely due to poor officiating in general
    (574 votes)
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