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Will Dak Prescott continue to wear a glove the rest of this season?

Dak Prescott’s left hand has become all the more interesting as of late.

Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are riding a three-game winning streak with their playoff lives hanging in the balance, but there’s another trend happening in the middle of it.

Dak Prescott has worn a glove on his left hand for each of the last two games. This is a new detail to Dak’s game as QB1 for the Cowboys.

It was well-noted how the Cowboys prepared for the weather conditions in New York when Jason Garrett had his team practice outdoors on a Thursday for the first time. He kept things the same last week, and so did Dak in terms of his own preparation for the cold.

It’s not weird to see a quarterback wear a glove when he’s in a colder environment. Quarterbacks do this all the time, some even wear gloves in warmer temperatures, and now Dak Prescott is among them.

While it makes sense that Dak wore the glove for colder temperatures in New York and Oakland, one has to wonder whether or not it would make sense for him to keep it up this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

The plan is for Week 17 in Philadelphia to matter, which would mean the Cowboys are playing important football in cold weather again. This would also likely be true if they do end up as a wildcard team traveling in the playoffs.

In the interest of consistency, Jason Garrett does coach this team after all, we might see Dak Prescott wear the glove this Sunday when the Cowboys are indoors against the Seahawks.

Gloves on NFL quarterbacks became a big story around 2014 when Teddy Bridgewater famously wore one on each of his hands and Peyton Manning went to and from glove life.

Since wearing the glove on his left hand Dak Prescott is 38/57 for 544 yards, three touchdowns (all in New York), and two interceptions (both in Oakland). It’s not like the glove has made a real statistical difference relative to the rest of his 2017 season.

It is also worth noting that Dak began wearing this not only in games where the cold was an element, but in the games after he hurt his hand against the Washington Redskins. Similarly, it’s also worth noting that this was an injury to his throwing hand, not the one that he’s been wearing the glove on.

Whatever the case, it does make sense for Dak to keep things the way they’ve been, especially if he does plan on wearing the glove again before this season is over. Imagine telling Jason Garrett you’re going to wear the glove twice, take it off, and then wear it again. The outrage!

Glove or not, Dak Prescott and his Cowboys teammates are in for a battle this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

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