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It’s a bit poetic that the Cowboys have to go through Seattle to get to the playoffs

Dallas has had many a defining moment against Seattle over the last decade.

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

For a little over a decade, the Dallas Cowboys have had some pivotal moments for their franchise come against certain other teams.

There’s obviously the division rivals, there’s Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, and then there are the Seattle Seahawks.

It is those very Seahawks who the Cowboys will host this Sunday, a game of extreme significance. Dallas is battling for a playoff spot, and they get reinforcements in the form of Ezekiel Elliott for the first time since November 5th.

What is it about Seattle, though? How is it that so many important moments over the last decade have seemingly come against them? A walk down memory lane...

2006 Wildcard Round: Tony Romo’s bobbled snap

It still hurts.

This was the beginnings of a lot of things. It was the season that Tony Romo took over as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and it was the first season that Sunday Night Football on NBC began the run that currently holds today.

You know what happened. Romo bobbled. Romo ran. We all cried.

2014 Week 6: A statement win if ever there was one

You could make a legitimate argument that the greatest win Jason Garrett has ever pulled off as the head coach of the Cowboys was this one right here.

At the time the Seahawks were reigning Super Bowl Champions, and their home-field advantage was at the height of its powers. Teams just didn’t go to Seattle and win, until the Cowboys did.

DeMarco Murray was fantastic. Rolando McClain was incredible. Tony Romo pulled off a 3rd and 20 that we remember in a way that doesn’t make us hate the world.

In fact, this game was so big that it gave Cowboys fans all the confidence in the world entering the divisional round later that season, knowing that a date in Seattle wasn’t too formidable for a team that had showed an ability to win there.

2016 Preseason Week 3: A changing of the guard

We only ever got to see Tony Romo hand the ball off to Ezekiel Elliott one time, and it happened during a preseason game in Seattle.

This game actually served as Ezekiel Elliott’s Dallas Cowboys debut, and it came with its own bit of drama considering the shop he visited during the trip there.

It was unfortunately, some would say poetically tragically, this game that was the last one that Tony Romo ever entered as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys for. It truly is incredible how his career was book-ended in this same exact stadium.

Dak Prescott took over for an injured Romo, and that’s the life we’ve all been living for about two seasons now. Seattle, for whatever reason, is part of the Cowboys history in an intense way.

What chapter will this Sunday be in the Dallas and Seattle story?

As fate would have it, as we mentioned, there’s another big-time game happening for the Cowboys with the Seattle Seahawks at the center of it.

Zeke is returning, the Cowboys playoff lives are on the line, and the Seahawks are the team the perfect storm is circling around.

Football has a funny way of repeating history, almost giving teams second chances in certain instances. This is hardly a second chance, but it is one for the Cowboys to seize, and one for them to hopefully look back on as another Seahawk feather in their cap.

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