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Three winners and eight losers from the Cowboys loss to the Seahawks

That was an ugly way for the Cowboys to be knocked out of the playoff chase.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are done for the year. Yes, they have one more game to play, but they are out of the playoffs as they endure a frustrating, disappointing season. Today’s game really didn’t have many winners for Dallas, but it had plenty of losers.


Sean Lee - The guy continues to play well, and spearheaded the defensive effort with 14 tackles, and several of them for losses. He looked like a guy dying to get into the playoffs. Too bad he didn’t get much help

Taco Charlton - The Cowboys first-round pick finally started to show something. He had a sack, had another pressure, played the run fairly well, and made a good tackle on a WR screen.

Cowboys-haters everywhere - There’s not much to say, the Cowboys are in for a huge helping of criticism for squandering this chance. Deservedly so.


Dak Prescott - In the biggest game of the season, he was bad. Yes, he was under pressure a lot, but the pick-six was just awful, especially with a wide-open Jason Witten in the middle of the field. He also threw the ball poorly on the other interception. His offseason of soul-searching begins now.

Dez Bryant - His fumble seemed to be the start of everything that went wrong for Dallas. He’s no longer an elite receiver, in fact, he’s not even playing like a regular #1 receiver. The Cowboys have money tied up in him, and he’s not returning the investment.

Dan Bailey - What is wrong with Mr. Automatic? Two missed field goals that he normally puts right down the middle is perplexing.

Scott Linehan - First and goal from the three-yard line. Even I could make that offensive call, hand it to Zeke. Second and goal from the two-yard line, and I can make the call again, hand it to Zeke. What is wrong with Linehan? Why does he try to make the game so complicated sometimes?

Tyron Smith’s injury - We give him a thumbs up for giving it a go, but his injury-filled season hurt the Cowboys. Hopefully, this is just a bad year and not a harbinger of things to come.

Turnovers - The Seahawks scored 21 points, and they all came after turnovers. That is the Cowboys beating themselves.

The young secondary - They actually played well most of the time, but two pass interference penalties in the end zone, and two TD passes, one against Jourdan Lewis, and one against Chidobe Awuzie, shows they have some more growing to do.

Jason Garrett - The biggest game of the season, and Garrett’s team looked flat and they made mistakes everywhere. The head coach has to accept some blame.

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