Issues with Offense

One of the biggest problems I believe the Cowboys had all season was cohesion on offense. There were some glaring issues at key spots. First the boys never get YAC. Now many point out that Dez Bryant has been a major problem. Well this is true however I don't think the problem has been his ability to run I think its been his ability to catch the ball. He has had twice as many drops as any season I remember. I believe this is because he is pressing to make plays. The truth is if he could be moved freely in the offense I think it would allow he a chance to get in flow with the offense. Honestly I think the thing that needs to go is Cole Beasley. Yes he is a great story, a scrappy little guy but he's not Wes Welker. Furthermore, even the Wes Welker situation ran its course in New England. I think Dez should be a focal point of being moved around more in the offense. I realize he might not run a Marvin Harrison polished route but neither did Aquan Bolding. Dez can run those same routes with the same speed and physical nature need to be successful. Having Beasley actually limits your line up significantly. He makes not plays down the field and he can't block. I think its time to move on from Beasley. I'd like to for Cowboys to move on from Jason Witten as well. He is a real liability in blocking on the line. Plus he doesn't create separation. More so than what people are saying about Dez. I'd like to see the Cowboys go out and make a splash in free agency with 3 players. Allen Robinson WR Jacksonville, Austin Seferain Jenkins TE NYJ, Xaxier Sua'Filo G.

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