High pick for depth at Left Tackle ?

This year was a disappointing to say the least. So I just wanted to pose the following question to BTB posters because it will probably be a major topic when the draft rolls around and I am struggling with the answer.

Should we consider spending a first or second round pick on a quality Left Tackle ?

I know that is a lot of money to tie up in a player who may not even play ( and hopefully doesn't ) if Smith can return to full health. However, we all saw what happened in the Atlanta game and to the offense in general after that debacle in week 10. So would it be worth it to invest a 1st round pick in an Orlando Brown or Martinas Rankin ?

Its tough because I would love to acquire a Josh Jackson at CB, James at S, Smith at LB ( if he miraculously falls to us) or even a Ridley or Washington at WR in round 1.

I know there were a number of factors that led to falling short this year. Game management gaffes by the coaches, Run D with Lee hurt, Zeke's suspension, and the officials seeing no evil when it came to opponents and holding. Nevertheless, I feel it was the injury to Smith that proved the biggest factor in the team underachieving this year. So do we use a high pick on a Tackle to correct it ?

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