Same mistake....? Linehan or Dak?

...I wanted to add something to the conversation about the "same mistake at the beginning of the season" and this past game. RJ posted a story with the premise that the goal line drive with three straight passing attempts has been a recurring mistake this season with the best runner in the game in the backfield.

I see it a little differently - or maybe I should say, I see it from a different perspective. The fail that I saw happen in that first Giants game - on THAT drive was Dak himself having a wide open Dez in the middle end zone and sailing the ball over his head. Sure TD. I remember saying to a buddy of mine - "uh oh, I hope he corrects that before we go much further with this season, I saw some of that last year!" I also saw that same too high throw throughout the season and a number of times in the Seattle game (just think what Zeke could have done with that if it hits him in the hands instead of the defenders for the pick six!?)

It troubles me to think that Dak has a major flaw in his game. His inaccuracy at times is one of the reasons he was there at the end of the 4th round in the first place!

That said, Dak has won championships everywhere he has gone...he is definitely an outstanding talent. He seemed to touch on this bad trait (hitting his guys in the face with the ball, etc etc) in interviews since the game....hoping he works like crazy to correct this. If he does, it's over people...he could win numerous SB's - at least two. But he has to figure that one out like he seems to have with the middle pressure and blitz stuff.

He's fun to watch and we are all pulling for him. This off season will tell the tale. He won't have an easy schedule next year, no more 4th place schedules anymore like last year either - them days are probably over for now...he has to step up and deliver. Practice makes perfect and he has to start throwing perfect passes at a higher percentage rate than he has so far.

One more - I have seen this trait with all the young QB's that came out of that draft. Wentz, Goff AND Prescott - they all have inaccuracy problems at times so he's not alone in possessing this flaw. He just needs to get it right and be all he can be and make his own history in this league and not just some also ran who flashed one season. I think he can do it. He's passed every other test so far, no reason to think he can't keep it up!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.