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Week 13 playoff rooting guide for the Cowboys fan

The Cowboys are still “in the hunt” so why not hunt with them?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we outlined a few days ago, the Dallas Cowboys chances of making the playoffs are not optimal. In fact, most publications put the Cowboys chances of making the playoffs at under 5%. So you’re saying there’s a chance? We’ll bite.

If you still believe that the Cowboys can make the playoffs, or you’re a skeptic but want to go along for the ride, we offer up a guide for your loyalties this Sunday.

1 PM ET Falcons/Vikings: Skol! Go Vikings and Mike Zimmer. Atlanta has a very tough schedule down the stretch, starting with this game. Falcons own the tie-breaker over Dallas.

1 PM ET Packers/Bucs: Who didn’t want to be a pirate when they were a kid? Tampa Bay is the choice here. Packers hold the tie-breaker with Dallas.

1 PM ET Ravens/Lions: Important for the Ravens to win here, the Lions have a super-soft schedule after this, unless Aaron Rodgers returns at the end of the season.

8:30 PM ET Seahawks/Eagles: Go Eagl... I can’t even type that. Let’s make this easy. Just lose Seahawks.

There you go: Root hard for the Vikes, Bucs, Ravens and... well, just lose Seahawks.

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