Dallas Cowboys Ideal Offseason Starting Now

Long-time reader here, but only my second post. Wanted to see everyone's opinion about the Dallas Cowboys offseason which started far too soon.

Step 1: Assure draft position - I won't say lose to the Eagles ever, so I'll simply say they should find a way to not win a hard fought game tomorrow. The potential movement they can make regarding their draft order far outweighs any potential 'redemption' that Dak spoke of during his interview. Hopefully with a loss tomorrow, we get some help with our draft position...

Go Redskins - Please continue to run your franchise into the ground with a win tomorrow.

Go Arizona - We get a better pick, and Seattle misses the playoffs, that's a win-win.

Go Chargers and Bills - They can both move behind us with wins, provided a Dallas loss.

Step 2: Fire Scott Linehan - The offensive play calling this season was embarrassing. To be in multiple situations in which we had the opportunity to do what we do best, and to go away from that, became far too often of an occurrence

Step 3: Manage Pending Free Agents - Sign Demarcus Lawrence to an incentive driven contract that involves both performance, and, playing time. The Cowboys need to acknowledge that Tank was exactly the player we had wanted when we drafted him, but need to protect themselves from his potential back issues. After signing Tank, they should put a first round tender on Irving, and, sign Martin to a long-term contract. Let Hitchens walk if he wont sign a team friendly deal, because...

Step 4: Ask Dez to take a paycut, but guarantee a larger portion of the money. This may be a good compromise to meet in the middle. While Dez may not be performing up to his contract, we need to respect the fact that he is still our best option, with little depth behind him.

Step 5: - Draft wisely

LB - Draft Roquan Smith to take over the MLB spot. He's young, talented, and most importantly, smart.

WR - Draft Anthony Miller to take over the WR2 spot. Say what you want about Dez Bryant, but it makes more sense to wait until next year given the dead money involved. Miller offers us a great route runner that best fits Dak's skillset.

TE - Draft Mark Andrews as the heir apparent to Jason Witten. Although it sounds like Witten wants to give us one more year, it is impossible to deny his decline this season. Given the unknown status of Rico Gathers, and his lack of actual football experience, we need to have a real plan in place.

Other positions to try and find quality depth at: S, CB, OG, and possibly OT (dare I say it)

What do you all think of this plan going into motion effective 1pm eastern tomorrow?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.