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BTB’s OchoLive: The return of Eli & Alfred Morris raises his stock

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Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Another episode of BTB’s OchoLive is ready for your viewing pleasure.Today starts with a discussion of what the return of Eli Manning could mean for the Giants. Eli has had some good days versus Dallas int he past, can he do it again?

As our friend Tom Ryle points out, every win is precious. RJ follows up with a discussion on how it is important for the Cowboys to finish strong. It could point the direction of the franchise in the future.

Finally, we have to talk about Alfred Morris. He’s raised his stock filling in for Ezekiel Elliott. Will he play himself into a nice contract somewhere else?

Check out the discussion and see what other Cowboys fans are saying.

RJ is covering it all. Check it out and a big shoutout to him for creating the show. Also, check in every afternoon for the show live on the Facebook page.

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