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Will McClay is likely to get attention again this offseason for general manager positions

Could this be the offseason that Will McClay finally leaves Dallas?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have quite the talent evaluator in Will McClay, who’s official listed titled is Vice President of Player Personnel.

However it’s defined, most Cowboys fans know exactly what Will McClay does, he’s as much of a general manager of the team as there can conceivably be. Our own Tom Ryle did a great job of outlining it all here:

And the way this team was built gives some real hope that this is not just a flash in pan type of season, but one that may be sustained - because the main architects who constructed it could be around for quite a while, including one Will McClay, the one main figure who is often thought could be lured away. But is he really going to go to another team so he can be a “real” general manager?

As you can see, the question as to whether McClay would defect from Dallas has been asked before, especially if a legitimate title were involved. It’s that time of year, and Will McClay’s name has started to surface in those discussions once more.

There isn’t an NFL front office man who doesn’t know what McClay does. He isn’t a secret, and neither is his success.

While some would call it over-glorified, McClay has done an excellent job of scouting and evaluating talent for the Cowboys, drafting well and avoiding potential disasters. He’s a worthy general manager, which is why he’s literally being recommended as one.

It’s been an interesting season for the Cowboys, one where the head coach has been questioned, but beyond all of that it does seem as if Will McClay has done his job. The latest example was Chidobe Awuzie against the Washington Redskins, but there are many preceding examples.

With interest from around the NFL continuing to grow, anyone in Will McClay’s situation would at the very least likely consider the idea of a GM position. Would a position in Dallas with an actual title finally become available? That seems the least likely option.

Whatever the case, Will McClay’s name is continuing to rise. Let’s hope it stays right where it is.

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