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Cowboys News: Is Jaylon Smith Part Of The Answer For Dallas Pass Rush Problems?

Just what you need to start your week, Cowboys news.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode of “Cowboys News” we check in on Jaylon Smith as a pass-rusher, more speculation on Tony Romo, what it would take to get Myles Garrett, and finally a more realistic defensive end pick in the draft than Garrett.

Jerry Jones says LB Jaylon Smith can be ‘outstanding pass rusher’ for Cowboys - FOX Sports

Pass rush is ever present on our minds when it comes to the Cowboys offseason. Free agent or draft, the Cowboys need help. But could a player already on the team make a difference? Jerry Jones recently discussed Jaylon Smith as a pass rusher.

Could he be the secret pass-rushing weapon the Cowboys desperately need? Probably not, but there’s no doubt he can help in that regard.

“He’s a dramatic difference on the field. He’s not necessarily your designated pass rusher, but I don’t know that he can’t be an outstanding pass rusher,” Jones said. “He’s outstanding every place else. Now this guy is – healthy – a No. 1 pick. So, right there we’ve got a chance to add a new face that makes a difference for us.”

Smith only got 4.5 sacks in college, but he was pretty disruptive in the backfield for Notre Dame. There is no doubt the Cowboys could cook up some specialized situations for him to rush the passer. We’ll just have to see if that works.

Myles Garrett explains video, says it wasn't serious: 'Take a joke, people' - ESPN

The other day we posted the video where Myles Garrett pleaded with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to trade Tony Romo along with some draft picks to move up in the draft and pick him. Garrett has made it known that it was a joke, and that he’s happy to play anywhere.

Question: Explain how the video came about:

Garrett: "I had been interviewing with a young woman that was there at the red carpet [for the college football awards show]. She sat down and she was like 'OK, I have an idea for one more thing.' I was like 'All right.' She said 'It's 100 percent fun and say whatever you want to say, have a message toward any coach or any owner who you'd like to speak to for your favorite team. Just say whatever you want and have fun. It doesn't have to be serious, just play around with it.' I was like 'All right.' So I said what has been going around [from Friday's release of the video] and it was supposed to be pretty much a joke and not taken too seriously. It kind of got blown up."

NFL Draft: How the Cowboys Could Draft Myles Garrett - NFL Mocks

Even though Garret has made it clear the video was a joke, it still got Cowboys fans pondering all the different ways they could possibly make a trade to get Garrett. It would take a lot.

There is some precedent regarding how one moves from the tail end of the NFL Draft to the top. Atlanta moved from 26 to 6 to draft Julio Jones, costing them two firsts, a second, and two fourth-round picks. The deal paid off in the long-run with the wide receiver helping lead the Falcons to an NFC title.

That move was the biggest jump in the history of the NFL Draft’s first round.

The Cowboys would have to go from 28 to probably first. That’s an even bigger move. Would the addition of Tony Romo to that trade mix make any difference? It seems a little rich for the Cowboys to make the move.

Tony Romo's revival, touchback tweaks and other NFL predictions for 2017 - Sports Illustrated

Speaking of Romo, there will be endless speculation about where he will land. Here, we have speculation and a prediction.

Tony Romo will sign with Denver, and the Broncos will make it to the AFC Championship Game

New coach Vance Joseph has made it clear that he’s satisfied with Denver’s in-house QBs, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, which is exactly what you’re supposed to say when you first join a new team. The Broncos’ quarterback situation is much better than say, Blaine Gabbert vs. Colin Kaepernick last year, but Siemian’s ceiling is pretty low, and Lynch may need another year or two of development.

At 37, Romo comes with baggage (namely, never-ending back issues) and won’t be cheap. But he has to intrigue John Elway in terms of both talent and his ability to mentor Siemian and Lynch the way he did Dak Prescott. We haven’t seen Romo play in almost a year, but maybe Prescott’s rise was a good thing. Maybe Romo is fully healthy, which of course makes him all the more intriguing. If I have Denver’s defensive nucleus, led by Von Miller and Chris Harris, I’m doing everything I can to win another Super Bowl immediately. Romo gives you the best shot.

Why Tony Romo’s landing spot could shake up the NFL Draft - FOX Sports

No matter where Romo ends up, he will likely alter the shape of the NFL draft if he’s moved before that event begins.

Regardless of where Romo winds up – whether it’s Denver, Buffalo, Houston, or one of the other aforementioned teams – the draft is going to shake out differently at the top. The main point of emphasis when discussing Romo’s future is the impact he’ll have on the team he joins, but his effect on the rest of the NFL – namely the draft – will be profound.

You can check out the article if you want to see some of the speculation of how a Romo move could later some teams’ plans.

Next Gen Stats all-rookie team -

While it’s very common to see Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott make All Rookie teams from all kinds of media properties, website and other sports organizations, how about a third Cowboys’ rookie making one of those teams? That’s what happened for the Next Gen Stats rookie team.

Defensive lineman: Maliek Collins, Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys DL Maliek Collins proved to be effective as a pass rusher from the Dallas interior defensive line. Averaging 4.28 seconds from snap to sack, Collins recorded the fastest average time to sack among rookie interior defensive linemen and was also 5th among all interior pass rushers in fastest average time to sack.

That’s what the Cowboys loved about him when they drafted him, his quickness off the ball and his ability to disrupt plays in the backfield.

Why Charles Harris makes sense for the Cowboys in the first round - FanRag, John Owning

We’ve done quite a bit of speculating over which defensive end the Cowboys might draft at pick #28 if they do draft one. Taco Charlton seems to be a favorite right now. But John Owning makes a case for Charles Harris.

A defensive end’s get off is extremely important because it helps disrupt the relationship between the offensive tackle and quarterback. This opens up a plethora of counter possibilities and puts the defender one step ahead of their offensive counterpart, which is invaluable.

In a deep and talented edge defender group, Harris’ get off may be the best in the class. His entire pass-rush repertoire is built around the fact that he can explode off the line of scrimmage and beat the offensive tackle to their landmark.

For the Cowboys, Harris would immediately strengthen the depth at defensive end in his first year while likely taking over the full-time starting role in his second year. He does need some work in the run defense department, but he is ready to contribute as pass rush specialist immediately.

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