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Sources: Tony Romo Expects To Be Cut, Not Traded, But Can We Believe It?

How much can we believe this report since it would be in Romo’s own interest to be released.

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Anytime the subject of Tony Romo and his future comes up, it makes for a good headline. Today we got one, as Ed Werder sent out this tweet.

Naturally that ricocheted around the sporting world and was given serious play with some outlets. But there should be a note of caution, because the Cowboys releasing Romo would be in Romo’s own best interest, not necessarily the Cowboys. Add in the quote about starting two or three more years, and you can’t help but think these sources are pushing a theme that would ultimately benefit Romo. The idea that he could be released so that he could negotiate a deal with any team he chooses would be especially enticing to Romo.

This isn’t to say that releasing him is not what will ultimately happen. Getting a trade done for Romo is not without problems, one them likely being that a new team would probably want to re-work Romo’s contract, so Romo would still have some input on any trade deal. There have been various reports of what the Cowboys could get for Romo, from as high as maybe a second-rounder, down to a low of a conditional pick in the later rounds. How much will Jerry Jones and the Cowboys hold out for, and how much will the close relationship between Jones and Romo play into any trade? Those are unknowns at this time, but you have to believe the Cowboys are going to try and maximize what they can get out of sending Romo away from Dallas. And that is likely a draft pick if they can get it.

There is still much more to happen in this story this offseason, but at this point I would question the origins of this rumor. It benefits Romo to have this out there, he would love to have the freedom of choosing his next destination instead of having one forced on him. It’s very easy for someone in his camp to put this out there and have it picked up everywhere. It would be a canny play in this whole drama. If other teams believe he is about to be released, they wouldn’t be inclined to trade for him.

Your move, Jerry Jones.

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