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Would You Even Consider This Crazy Trade Idea For The Cowboys?

The only shot the Cowboys have at moving up to the number one spot in the draft would be to give up one of their best bargaining chips.

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With Myles Garrett recent plea to Jerry Jones to do what it takes to trade for his rights, some fans have gotten excited about such an idea. Of course, when you start doing the math using the trade chart, it’s not hard to realize that it would require the Cowboys to give up a lot of draft resources to move up to the number one overall pick. If you look at the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams trade last year that sent the rights to Jared Goff to LA, it cost the Rams two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and two third-round picks. That’s a lot to give up, and that is just moving from 15 to 1. The Cowboys are at 28. They’d have to give several big pieces of their future draft to move up that far. That’s never going to happen.

Some fans, who were very enthusiastic about the idea of snagging the best player in the 2017 draft decided to approach it a different way. Instead of draft picks that the Cleveland Browns would just squander away (can you name any one of the players from the five picks they received in the Julio Jones trade?), what about giving them their franchise quarterback? Cleveland has been terrible drafting a QB in recent years. Twice they’ve wasted a first-round pick on a bust (Johnny Manziel and Brandon Weeden) and twice they’ve used a third-round pick (Colt McCoy and Cody Kessler) that haven’t shown much promise. Would the Browns be interested in what appears to be a proven hit in Dak Prescott?

Is this real life?

Even if the Browns were interested in going after Prescott , the bigger question is - why in the world would the Cowboys be interested in making such a deal? Now, if you are reading this and thinking this is the most absurd idea you’ve ever heard, don’t fret - that’s where I’m at, too. But in the spirit of providing a thorough examination, let’s look closely at what we’re dealing with here.

The Browns can’t seem to land themselves a quarterback and the Cowboys can’t find themselves a defensive end. Such a deal would solve both of their problems. Prescott was a fourth-round draft pick last year and if you look at it that way, trading a fourth for the number one overall would be a great deal for Dallas. But you can’t look at it that way. Prescott’s incredible rookie season now means he’s worth much more. In fact, he’s a prime candidate to be the number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL re-draft. So, now it’s more of a #1 overall for #1 overall type of deal.

Prescott’s great rookie performance provides some evidence of thriving in the NFL that an otherwise unproven collegiate player wouldn’t have. There is no guarantee that Myles Garrett will be a star in this league.

Trying to be an objective as I can, here are three things that might work out in favor of Dallas:

#1 Cowboys Get A Star Pass Rusher

Not only would the Cowboys land the best player in the draft, but that player would be an edge rusher, which is the team’s biggest need. Myles Garrett is a freak athlete with great first-step quickness that would make an immediate impact on the Cowboys defensive line.

#2 Cowboys Still Have Romo

Tony Romo’s not gone just yet. The Cowboys would still enter the upcoming season with a healthy Romo. I remember a time not too long ago where such a thing would be a reason for Cowboys fans to be ecstatic. Romo would be back in the picture and could finish writing the final chapter in his legacy - with the Dallas Cowboys.

#3 Cowboys Could Draft A QB With Pick 28

While the edge rusher problem might be resolved with a talent like Garrett, they’d be back to the drawing board when it comes to their backup/future quarter. But the Cowboys might be able to fix that with a first-round investment. They’d still have their 28 pick and there are three first-round QBs in this year’s draft. The Cowboys might be in great position to get one of the DeShaun’s that are projected to go somewhere in the first round.

And here are three reasons why this wouldn’t be a good idea:

#1 Romo’s Still A Big Risk

The Cowboys would go back to the same situation that has plagued them in recent years where the entire organization would be holding their breath every time he gets hit. With Prescott, that feeling of anxiety is gone. Franchise quarterbacks don’t just fall out of the sky so the Cowboy need to hold on to Dak like he’s a recently discovered buried treasure. No way should they give that up!

#2 It’s A Big Strain On The Cap

Not only would the Cowboys be back to facing Romo’s enormous cap hit over the next few years, but the contract of a number one overall pick would be in the $6 M range annually. This makes this a very expensive alternative.

#3 It’s A Deep Draft Class For Defensive Ends

The Cowboys are in position to get a top 15 pick for the price of a 28. With several great edge rushers available in the first round, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of this rich draft class. Yes, Myles would be great to have, but the Cowboys would be a much better team with several other first round DE’s + keeping Dak. With Prescott, time is on the Cowboys side so it’s no time to panic and do anything silly.

The Cowboys want a “War Daddy” at defensive end, but giving up Dak is just too costly. If you think it’s preposterous to even think of such, then join the club and let’s all take a moment to appreciate the real find that is Dak Prescott. He’s worth more to us than the #1 overall pick in the draft. That’s how much we love him!

I’m sorry, but I just can’t wrap my mind around trying to pull off something like this.

What about you? Am I missing something here or is this just the latest example of some fans wanting the shiny new toy that just so happens to play a position that the Cowboys have a big need for?

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