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Cowboys Free Agent Rumors: Adrian Peterson To Dallas Comes Up Again From Adam Schefter

Could there really be anything to the rumor of Adrian Peterson in Dallas for the 2017 season?

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A couple of weeks ago, a fantastical rumor popped up concerning the Dallas Cowboys. Basically it said the Cowboys would be interested in Adrian Peterson if he doesn’t remain with the Minnesota Vikings. At the time we wondered why Dallas would be interested in Adrian Peterson and placed it in the highly unlikely category. That rumor was posted by Adam Schefter who is pretty plugged into NFL circles, so it couldn’t be dismissed outright, but really seemed to be a stretch.

Well, Schefter is back with more on Peterson and the Cowboys.

"Some people have said that Peterson to the Cowboys doesn’t make any sense, but actually, it does," Schefter said. "First of all, you’ve got the investigation of Ezekiel Elliott going on and you don’t know if the NFL is going to discipline him for any amount of time. Even if Elliott isn’t facing any kind of discipline they could bring in Adrian Peterson to take away 100 carries from Ezekiel Elliott and preserve him over time. Wouldn’t that be a wise move? Plus, how many Adrian Peterson jerseys would Jerry Jones sell with Peterson being from Texas?"

If the Giants and Cowboys do end up battling it out for Peterson, it could be the one decision that ends up swinging the NFC East.

Schefter really seems to be pushing this idea. We know that Jerry Jones and Adrian Peterson have discussed him playing in Dallas before, but that was pre-Ezekiel Elliott. Now, Peterson wouldn’t be a lead dog but a backup, and would have to take backup money. Can anybody see Peterson actually doing that at this stage of his career?

Certainly if the Cowboys could pull this off, Dallas would be a juggernaut running team with those two backs working behind that offensive line. Still, it’s hard to come around to this really happening.

So we ask you, BTB members, should the Cowboys pursue Peterson if he becomes a free agent? Vote in the poll, then hit the comments and let us know what you think.

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