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Cowboys Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of The 1992 Super Bowl

Ex-Cowboys players got together to celebrate their championships from the 90s with other special guests.

Super Bowl XXX:  Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Time flies, and the members of the 1992 Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys just got together to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their win. The team gathered on Saturday night at Gilley’s in Dallas to renew acquaintances and raise a little money for the United Way.

With many of those involved also being members of the championship teams in 1993 and 1995, it was decided to include the members of those teams as well.

Head coach Jimmy Johnson was there along with three other current or former Dallas head coaches. Jason Garrett, who was a backup QB on the team at the time, joined in the festivities as did Dave Campo and Barry Switzer.

Jerry Jones, fresh off his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, spoke briefly to the media, as did several of the Cowboys greatest stars.

“I just get so inspired by seeing everyone here tonight. I’ve got so many wonderful memories from those teams back then, but really everything we’ve been able to accomplish.” - Jerry Jones.

Several players took advantage of the event to re-establish contact with the brothers that they went into battle with a quarter century ago. While they may no longer see each other day in and day out, the members of the dynasty era Cowboys share a bond that few will ever know. They worked hard, played hard, and rose to the pinnacle of the professional football world.

It is a bond that will last throughout their lives.

“That will never go away. That’s really why you play the game, to have those relationships with your teammates. Coming here and saying those guys tonight, I wouldn’t have missed it.” - Michael Irvin

The event was put together by quarterback Troy Aikman. In addition to his teammates from the era, Aikman also had the class to bring in a few other gentleman who had an impact on the legacy that is the Dallas Cowboys. Special guests from the Cowboys earlier Super Bowl success included Hall of Famers Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett.

With the team on the rise again, it is nice to be able to sit back and recall the successes that the current group of players will be building upon. It will serve as a reminder of what is possible when a collection of talented and driven men set their minds on something greater than themselves. The fire has been rekindled in Dallas.

“These guys haven’t changed a bit. Sure, they might look a little different, but to me, they haven’t changed at all.

“I just get so inspired by seeing everyone here tonight.” - Jerry Jones

Welcome home, gentlemen.

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