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Cowboys Draft Poll: Of These Six Players, Who Should Dallas Draft At Pick 28?

It’s time to get the pulse of our BTB community. Who do you want the Cowboys to draft at 28?

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Washington v Alabama Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

[As we’re all aware, the draft season is well underway, or as we like to refer to it; Christmas season is here! The 2017 NFL draft takes place at the end of April, but we're putting together draft boards early. Here at BTB, we take pride in the community atmosphere and we always want your opinions to be shared on everything involving the Dallas Cowboys.

In this series, we’re going to be dissecting each of the Cowboys’ seven draft picks from 28 to 246 and asking you who are the best bets for the Dallas Cowboys. Right before the draft kicks off, we’ll put the perfect draft together as per our BTB community voting and see how it ends up lining up with the real deal. Keep in mind; we’re trying to be as realistic as possible so you’ll only be choosing from around five or so players that would potentially be on the board at the slotted position in the draft.]

Who Should The Dallas Cowboys Select With The 28th Pick?

CB Sidney Jones, Washington

Case for: The Cowboys are going to need to think about getting better at the cornerback position. What they have had over the past several years has been sufficient but Brandon Carr (age) and Morris Claiborne (health) are set to be free agents. Jones has the combination of size and speed that Dallas tends to covet plus the mental makeup to become a playmaking defensive back that this team desperately needs. He’s produced and stood out on a pretty solid passing defense for the Huskies. Dallas only had nine interceptions on the year in 2016, four of which came from the cornerback position.

Case Against: The cornerback position is fairly deep in this draft and the Cowboys could find potential starters in another round. Dallas needs to use their highest capital on their biggest issue; pass rush.

CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

Case For: He’s a very physical cornerback with great size and excellent speed and acceleration. Humphrey can provide the pop on the jam and render a guy useless in his route. He can track the ball well and has good awareness for the screen and will attack the blockers to get to the ball carrier. He’s got some tremendous value on special teams as well often the first guy down making the tackle. Humphrey has played every collegiate game of his career showing some durability as well.

Case Against: Marlon is a little grabby and sometimes pays way too much attention to the receiver instead of the ball. He didn’t have a ton of picks in college and he doesn’t have the versatility to move inside. He struggles with smaller and faster receivers. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush!

EDGE Takkarist McKinley, UCLA

Case For: The combination of burst, bend, and motor are exactly the fit for the Cowboys defense. He’s a quick-twitch guy which is also a Marinelli prerequisite. McKinley is very athletic and was the most feared pass rusher in the Pac-12. He’s got long limbs and he’s very active with his hands with a great swat move to get around tackles and into the backfield. McKinley is an explosive package that can be a day one impact.

Case Against: For starters, what’s up with that torn labrum? Also, McKinley is not the best run defender and could use a little more power to go along with all that agility and energy.

EDGE Taco Charlton, Michigan

Case For: Prototypical size and strength to hold up as an edge defender. He has heavy hands and a powerful upper body with violent techniques as an attacker. Charlton shows an impressive initial burst off the line and is very gap disciplined. Taco showed a lot of improvement over the past several seasons at Michigan and looks to be a quality pass rushing prospect at the NFL level.

Case Against: Not really the sum of all his parts yet and needs to improve his pad level. He has a predictable spin move that he relies on way too often. He’s only played one full season as a starter and he makes guesses that are wrong as many times as he’s right.

EDGE Charles Harris, Missouri

Case For: Perhaps the best speed rusher in the bunch, Harris explodes off the ball and is a load for blockers. He’s got some decently developed pass rush moves in his arsenal and his motor is outstanding. He’s a good character guy with high football intelligence. Harris is surprisingly strong for his weight though he has gained about 25 pounds. He’s a very athletic prospect that checks off a ton of boxes for teams needing some explosion off the edge.

Case Against: He’s a bit lean and could use a bit more bulk plus power in his game. Harris is vulnerable to cut-back blocks and he can get knocked off the ball when he doesn’t maintain his pad level.

WR John Ross, Washington

Case For: Just an all-around elite athlete who seemingly makes huge plays every time he touches the ball. He can get up the field in a flash due to his separation skills and top-level speed. Ross is a very polished route runner and his hands are fantastic. There is no doubt that he would add another wrinkle to a mighty He’s one of those guys that can make everything look effortless but you have to stop him or it’ll be one long day on the gridiron. Ross also provides you with potential as a returner (2,069 return yards with four scores, two of 100+ yards)

Case Against: He’s a bit lean and isn’t the tallest of receivers either. There are concerns that his production was largely due to not facing man coverage in the PAC-12. He could struggle with the more physical types of cornerbacks in the NFL. He does have a tendency to catch with his body at times and needs to trust his good hands.

Go ahead and vote in the poll then hit the comments to tell us why you voted the way you did. Also, if you really like another player for the pick, tell us why in the comments.

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