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Cowboys Free Agent Rumors Include Adrian Peterson & DeMarcus Ware, Also Tony Romo Won’t Retire

Get ready for the free agency rumor mill, it’s always a blast.

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

NFL free agency is getting near, which means NFL free agency rumors will start to fly. In today’s versions, we hear of the possibilities of the Cowboys acquiring either Adrian Peterson or DeMarcus Ware.

Let’s start with Adrian Peterson. Why are we even bringing this up? Because Adam Schefter posted this item today:

But there is a belief in league circles that the Dallas Cowboys could also be in play for the potential free agent, according to league sources.

One league source said that if the Vikings and Peterson could not agree on a restructured contract, the Cowboys could be an option.

The Minnesota Vikings hold an option year on Peterson for 2017, but there are rumblings that they might not exercise it and let Peterson hit free agency. That option year is for an $11.75 million base salary plus a $6 million roster bonus. If the Vikings decline it, just how much money would the 31-year-old running back want?

While we know that Jerry Jones once expressed his desire for Peterson, and Peterson is a Texas native, the Cowboys actually have a pretty good lead back. Maybe you heard about this kid named Ezekiel Elliott. While the thought of an Elliott/Peterson combo sounds enticing, there are huge problems with it.

One, it’s unlikely Peterson will take less money to go to Dallas when he could probably get starter’s money to go somewhere else. He would also be relegated to backup duty in Dallas, and is that how he wants to spend his final productive years?

We rule this rumor as very unlikely.

Now on to the DeMarcus Ware rumor. Again, from Schefter:

Linebacker DeMarcus Ware also is leaving the door open to play next season in Dallas, where he spent the first nine seasons of his standout career.

Ware, 34, still feels strongly about the Broncos, but Dallas also holds a special place for him. Ware still owns a home in the Dallas area, his two children live there, and it would be a full-circle way to finish a career that has seen Ware voted to nine Pro Bowls and rack up 138.5 sacks.

Ware recently had back surgery but said that he feels good and that he definitely wants to play next season. He has stated his preference is to remain with the Broncos, but they would have to work out a new deal.

This rumor makes a little more sense, especially if Ware can’t work out a deal with Denver. That remains his first choice, but if he were to hit the open market, you could definitely surmise that Dallas would be a preferred destination for Ware, given that’s where his family is, and the history he has with the team. Then it would come down to money, but having Ware back in Dallas would complete the circle and allow him to retire as a Cowboy.

We rule this rumor as possible.

And finally, even though we never really believed it, sources are confirming that Tony Romo is not quite ready to make a move to the broadcast booth, instead he still wants to play in 2017.

Romo turns 37 in April and is coming off a significant back injury, and according to sources, he has already received strong interest from television networks that want him to work as a color analyst.

But Romo still wants to play, and determining which team he'll play for will be the subject of much speculation in the weeks to come.

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