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Cowboys Free Agent Rumors: The Case For Pursuing DeMarcus Ware

Does a reunion make sense for the Cowboys and old friend DeMarcus Ware?

Nickelodeon's Superstar Slime Showdown at Super Bowl Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

A few days ago, we discussed the possibility of DeMarcus Ware being an option for the Dallas Cowboys in free agency. The idea seems to be taking hold among some of the Cowboys media.

Let’s set the context. Ware just had offseason surgery on his back, and since that was successful, he’s ready for at least another year.

"I definitely want to play. I've got a lot of passion. I'm always chasing that ring," Ware told ESPN. "People say if you get four sacks you pass this guy, or if you get five sacks you pass that guy -- four-this, five-that. But my biggest thing is always I want a ring while I'm sacking the heck out of the quarterback."

"I just felt like I needed to get myself back to health this time around," Ware said. "I tried to make it through the season, but it was the wear and tear and then you get to the point you can't do certain things because of the nerve. But I'm repaired, I feel right. I don't know what to do with myself now; I feel like a new man."

So the question is: Do the Cowboys want to take a chance on a player who will be 35 years old when the season starts and has had multiple injuries to his back over the years? And he might not come as cheap as some would want if the Denver Broncos want to bring him back, that would create somewhat of a bidding situation if Dallas was truly interested.

The Cowboys are desperate for pass rush help, could Ware provide that? Or maybe he could provide something else? John Owning makes the case:

Luckily, signing Ware wouldn’t prohibit the Cowboys from spending a premium pick on their pass rush as Ware only has a few years left and wouldn’t impede the progress of a potential rookie defensive end. In fact, bringing in the Alabama native could be the best thing for a rookie.

Just look at the Atlanta Falcons for example.

They brought in Dwight Freeney, in part, because of his ability to mentor their talented young pass-rusher Vic Beasley, and it worked wonders as Beasley went from rookie disappointment to leading the NFL in sacks.

Ware could have a similar type of impact on young players like David Irving, Benson Mayowa and Randy Gregory (he will be eligible again, and with the league considering changing its marijuana policies, it could be sooner than you think).

And that’s before he even steps on the field.

Owning doesn’t dismiss what Ware could still do on the field if he remains healthy but it is his professionalism, his mastery of technique and his will to win that would help shape some of the younger pass rushers on the Dallas roster, and anyone they bring in through the draft.

Kevin Sherrington of the DMN also makes the case for going after Ware.

If Ware's back feels better than it has in 18 months, as he contends, and he remains healthy, I'd bet he makes a run at double-digit sacks. He'd give the Cowboys a presence they haven't had since he left, and he'd be a priceless mentor for all the young ends on the roster.

Frankly, the only problem I can envision is if the Broncos decide to bring him back and he'd rather remain paired up with Miller.

Otherwise, Jerry, do your due diligence and see what it would take to get it done. The Cowboys are trending up, but they won't go deep in the playoffs without a pass rush. Especially against the likes of Brady. He looked pretty pedestrian when Atlanta pressured him early. But when the Falcons' defense ran out of gas, and he had time, Brady did what Brady does.

I guess this all comes down to what it always does in the NFL, price. Ware had to take a pay cut in Denver last year, playing for $6.5 million. It’s unlikely he’ll see that kind of money again, but how low will he go, and how much would the Broncos give him if they make a run at re-signing him? Would you give Ware $5 million for a season? $3 million?

What’s your thoughts on signing DeMarcus Ware and how much would you pay him if you wanted to?

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