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Cowboys Draft Poll: Of These Seven Players, Who Should Dallas Take At Pick #60?

It’s time to get the pulse of our BTB community. Who do you want the Cowboys to draft at 60?

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[As we’re all aware, the draft season is well underway, or as we like to refer to it; Christmas season is here! The 2017 NFL draft takes place at the end of April, but we're putting together draft boards early. Here at BTB, we take pride in the community atmosphere and we always want your opinions to be shared on everything involving the Dallas Cowboys.

In this series, we’re going to be dissecting each of the Cowboys’ seven draft picks from 28 to 246 and asking you who are the best bets for the Dallas Cowboys. Right before the draft kicks off, we’ll put the perfect draft together as per our BTB community voting and see how it ends up lining up with the real deal. Keep in mind; we’re trying to be as realistic as possible so you’ll only be choosing from around five or so players that would potentially be on the board at the slotted position in the draft.

As a reminder, the Pick 28 Poll resulted in DE Charles Harris with 38% of the vote.]

Who Should The Dallas Cowboys Take At Pick 60?

CB, Kevin King, Washington (6’3, 200 lbs)

Case For: King tested very well at the Combine showing quickness and agility. For those teams like the Dallas Cowboys who like taller corners, he may have put himself on the Cowboys’ map. He’s got versatility with good awareness for the position. King is a very well-versed zone cornerback with sticky mitts and good ball skills. He can track it and stay with his man to make the play, he can tackle too.

Case Against: Though he can tackle, he’s not always consistent and prefers to rip at the ball instead of getting his man down. He’s not as physical with the receiver as you would like for a cornerback his size. Since he is of size, he could struggle with the quicker, shiftier, smaller receivers. Some may see him as a safety instead of cornerback and he played with stellar cornerbacks on the other side.

SS, Josh Jones, NC State (6’1, 220 lbs)

Case For: Jones is an aggressive defender with explosion to get to the ball carrier and bring him down. He doesn’t take bad angles and is very calculated in his movements with the speed to recover and make the play. He’s very physical and will take on blocks and attack them. Jones is smart and instinctual with great awareness. He’s grown into the program and has accountability with good leadership qualities.

Case Against: He plays a bit upright at times which can get him into trouble and needs work on his pad level. He also needs to learn more receiving routes and control his hands when going after the ball carrier.

DE, Tarell Basham, Ohio (6’4, 269 lbs)

Case For: He certainly looks the part of a readymade NFL edge rusher with a good frame and size for the position. His initial quickness off the ball is going to make him intriguing to the Cowboys. He plays with great burst and can dip under the tackle and get around him. He’s a twitchy player that has the spatial awareness to free himself and get to the ball. He’s built to rush the passer and he’s become a refined player at doing so. He has violent hands and his work ethic is off the charts.

Case Against: He was the man in the MAC but he could use some more strength at the NFL level. He relies on his speed and agility to win and is not very good at bull rushing which is a needed wrinkle to his game. He needs to add a bit more bulk to consistently rush at the NFL level.

WR, Zay Jones, East Carolina (6’2, 201 lbs)

Case For: Everywhere he has shown up as he prepares for the draft, he has done nothing but excel. He excelled at the Senior Bowl with glue-like hands. He was catching everything that came his way and showed who the ball needed to go to when it mattered. He’s a sound route-runner with an innate ability to find soft spots in the defense. He’s got great hands, is an elite blocker, and has great production over his collegiate career.

Case Against: He’s not very speedy and his athleticism is adequate not great. He doesn’t have that top-gear you would like and isn’t very elusive. Due to his lack of speed, his deep route-running is concerning because he doesn’t create much separation. His production is considered to be due to a pass-heavy offense and coverage rarely rolling his side.

CB, Sidney Jones, Washington (6’0, 186 lbs) [Out for Season, torn Achilles at Pro Day.)

Case For: He’s a first-round talent at cornerback that tore his Achilles last week and will be shelved for the 2016 season. He’s got length, awareness and physicality for the position. He’s very fluid to turn and run with all types of receivers and he’s got great hands to pluck the ball away from the receiver. Jones has the combination of size and speed that Dallas tends to covet plus the mental makeup to become a playmaking defensive back that this team desperately needs.

Case Against: He’s kind of skinny and the thought is that he’ll need to add some bulk for the NFL. Also, coming off an Achilles injury, you just never know if they will recover fully or not. You tend to lose some speed with these injuries and Jones needs his speed to be effective.

OT, Roderick Johnson, Florida State (6’7, 298 lbs)

Case For: He’s pro-style ready with good length and size for the position. He’s got quick feet off the snap and long limbs to keep defenders at bay. His quickness really shows up in run blocking, where he excels at getting to the next level and making folks pay. He’s just scratching the surface of his potential at the NFL level and could be starter for years to come.

Case Against: He’s an unfisnihsed product who needs to learn how to curb the rush of those speedy guys off the edge. He can sometimes be a bit lazy in his fundamentals and that will hurt you in the NFL. He needs to work on balancing out of his stance.

CB, Adoree’ Jackson, USC, (5’10, 186 lbs)

Case For: Jackson is perhaps the best athlete in the draft. He’s very quick on his feet and can recover to make plays. He’s scary to throw at because of his ability to jump routes and snag the ball. For his size, he’s really shown the ability to be physical and finish guys on the tackle. He’s got burst like no other and once he gets started he can be a menace all day long.

Case Against: He’s a playmaker but can be out of place at times focusing too much on the ball and not the receiver.  He’s got some work to put in before he’s a consistent starting cornerback. Though he’s a reliable tackler, he sometimes lets his teammates clean up. It’s going to take a rangy free safety to give Jackson help as he transfers to the pros. Doesn't have the size the Cowboys covet.

Go ahead and vote in the poll then hit the comments to tell us why you voted the way you did. Also, if you really like another player for the pick, tell us why in the comment

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