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BTB Cowboys Podcast: Making Sense Of The Dallas Free Agency Strategy

In this episode of the BTB Podcast, host Landon McCool discusses the Cowboys free agency strategy and what it could mean for the draft.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Greetings BTB!

The BTB Cowboys Podcast is back! Landon McCool is returning for another season of hosting the podcast and already has a show ready to go. Just hit the play button and start listening. Below is a synopsis of the show and items that we’d like to hear your opinions on in response to Landon’s take.

The first episode of the 2017 season is a discussion of the Cowboys free agency moves. How much of a bargain was the Terrance Williams deal? Did they Cowboys overpay for the services of Nolan Carroll? You definitely got to check out what he has to say on the free agent signings and how they'll fit into the Cowboys structure.

There is also a mailbag section. You can check out Landon's answers to questions like - What positions do the Cowboys still need to pursue? What player in free agency did the Cowboys miss out on that they should have signed given the contract price?

And, Landon discusses a big trade in the first round that rumors have been mentioning, and spotlights whether it could be true or not.

Landon puts together excellent shows, everybody should give them a try. We'll have two shows a week, and we are asking you to take a little time to give them a listen. Listen to them in your car while you're driving, maybe give them a listen while “relaxing” in the bathroom, pop them on when you are reading other BTB articles.

Also, look for our mailbag FanPosts each week where you can ask questions for inclusion on the show.

So let’s hear your opinions based on Landon’s takes on the Cowboys in free agency.

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