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Cowboys News: Peter King Explains Why Cowboys Are In No Hurry To Do Anything With Tony Romo

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys show interest in under-the-radar defensive end; why Cowboys have not been "gutted" in free agency; why Romo "is just gonna have to be patient."

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Peter King: "No reason for Cowboys to be in a hurry with Romo." - SportsDay Staff
A "Romo about to be released" headline draws much more clicks than a "nothing new on Romo's situation" headline, which is why you've seen a ton of the former and almost nothing of the latter over the last few weeks.

Peter King explains why the Cowboys aren't in any hurry to do anything with Romo.

"There's no reason for them (the Cowboys) to be in a hurry with Romo," King said. "The first time that the Houston Texans or the Denver Broncos can have any organized activities within their complex with a player is four-and-a-half weeks away. So I don't know why anybody would feel there needs to be any sort of deadline in the next week or so. I think the Cowboys sound like they're willing to wait. And Romo I think is just gonna have to be patient."

The only thing Jerry Jones gets from releasing Tony Romo is a nice guy award - Julie Dixon, Mile High Report
Dixon argues that it's a smart business move for Jones and Romo to simply sit this out.

Not sure why the media keeps acting puzzled by this shrewd move. If he releases him now, he loses a quarterback, and takes a huge cap hit that can't be spread out. Even if he releases him with a June 1 date to spread the hit over two years, he's still losing a QB and 9.8 M this and next year. Plus, who says he and Romo aren't working out a deal themselves?

With no trade partners lining up, it's my belief [Jones has] moved to Plan B. That is to hold on to [Romo] until June 1st, or as soon as the first mini-training camps occur.

Why? As I stated above, with so many team with unsure QB situations, teams may come calling when they realize the drafted guy or newly signed journeyman isn't working out. Or, in the case of Houston and Denver, their first year hoped for starters in Lynch and Savage, haven't made enough of a jump.

Now Jones is in the driver's seat. He may get a trade. He's still going to take a hit, but it won't be as bad. If he times it right, he can spread any difference over two years. That's millions of good reason to wait.

Peter King says Texans make most sense for Tony Romo - Paul Jackiewicz, Toro Times
On The Rich Eisen Show, Peter King said he believes Houston makes the most sense for Romo.

"Houston makes the most sense Rich, by far," said King. "There’s a need there. There’s a desire I think by the Texans. I think Bill O’Brien would love to have him as his quarterback. Not that Denver wouldn’t. But I think…after the season John Elway told somebody, I don’t want to retard the growth of the two quarterbacks we have. Particulary a number one pick. And so what happens if Romo comes in and he plays really well for a year or two? Then all of a sudden Lynch never gets on the field. Who knows, maybe even leaves Denver without having a chance to play."

ESPN's Ed Werder thinks Tony Romo will be released in April. Not traded.


Cowboys Have NOT Been "Gutted" In Free Agency - Tom Ryle, Blogging The Boys
Ryle takes a very early look at the possible 2017 roster and concludes that the holes are hardly as many or as major as some think.

The big takeaway from all this is that the Cowboys have most of the team that tied the all-time franchise record for wins in a regular season last year coming back. And that includes the stellar backfield and all three of the Pro Bowl offensive linemen.

This team has not been gutted by free agency. They’ve only lost five starters from 2016, and pretty much have all those holes filled well before the draft. It is not really noticeably worse, and as has been argued by Michael Sisemore here at BTB, may actually be better due to the departures. Worry if you must. But don’t expect to see a drastic decline from this team when the season begins after all the acquisitions have been made.

Looks like the Cowboys aren't the only team signing players to one-year rentals.

The only player the Cowboys signed this offseason to receive any kind of guaranteed money beyond 2017 is Terrance Williams, whose $3.5 million base salary in 2018 is guaranteed.

Agent's Take: Here's what teams will really pay for top deals in NFL free agency - Joel Corry,
In the funny money of NFL contracts, it's all about signing bonus and salary guarantees, Corry explains.

Average salary and total compensation are the most common contract metrics but they are misleading because of the lack of security with NFL contracts. When assessing contracts, the more important metrics are compensation in the first three years of a multiyear deal and the amount of money fully guaranteed at signing or the amount of money that will become fully guaranteed early in the contract.


Cowboys Show Interst in DE Avery Moss at Youngstown State Pro day - Tony Pauline, Draft Analyst
Derek Rivers is the better-known defensive end out of Youngstown, even occasionally drawing some first-round whispers, but his teammate Avery Moss drew some special interest from the Cowboys.

Avery Moss was also worked hard and looked good in all his drills. Throughout the day Moss, who had a solid week of Shrine practice, met with the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans. Moss has set himself up as a solid middle-round pick.

Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft 6.0: The All-SPARQ Mock - Michael Sisemore, Blogging The Boys
Sisemore's mock is heavily focused on some of the best athletes in the draft - and somehow makes a lot of sense for the Cowboys.

Five Dark Horse Draft Prospects For The Dallas Cowboys, Including Three Defensive Backs - Blogging The Boys
A look at some great athletes that haven’t been connected to the Cowboys as much as other draft prospects. One of the highlighted players is safety Marcus Williams out of Utah.

Admittedly, Williams is more of a free safety prospect, but you can never have enough good defensive backs. Williams has the potential to become the NFL’s next ball-hawking safety in the mold of an Ed Reed (Broaddus thinks so). He’s SPARQ’s top safety prospect and his measurable are all there, though he could put on a bit of bulk.

His athleticism is unmatched but he’s not the physical presence to take over for the departed Barry Church. The Cowboys already have Byron Jones as their free safety and it could be difficult to envision two safeties of the same mold. The point is that Williams creates turnovers, that’s his M.O. and this team would take that all day.


Skip Bayless explains why the Cowboys should trade for Richard Sherman - Andrew Lynch, FOX Sports
Bayless said something about the Cowboys that really isn't worth repeating.

Richard Deitsch on the other hand had an interesting response to all the hot air coming out of Fox Sports.

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