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BTB Cowboys Podcast: Dispelling The Myths About The Cowboys Secondary Being An Issue

In this episode of the BTB Podcast, host Landon McCool discusses why the Cowboys are perfectly fine with what is happening with their depleted secondary.

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Greetings BTB!

The BTB Cowboys Podcast is back with another edition today. This time Landon discusses the Cowboys secondary. Much has been made about the Cowboys mismanaging their cap and forcing them to lose much of their secondary. Landon dispels with many of the myths, something you need to hear before making your own final opinions.

Landon discusses how the Cowboys actually utilize the salary cap to its fullest and why the constant discussion of their mismanagement of the cap is misguided. His argument is made convincingly that the Cowboys know exactly what they are doing and all the criticism is overblown.

He then moves that into a discussion of the Cowboys secondary. His case is that the Cowboys were intentionally looking to overhaul their secondary, a unit that was constantly besieged by Cowboys fans anyway. And yes, this particualr draft is one of the overriding reasons the Cowboys are looking to get younger and more talented in the Cowboys defensive backfield.

Landon puts together excellent shows, everybody should give them a try. We'll have two shows a week, and we are asking you to take a little time to give them a listen.

Also, look for our mailbag FanPosts each week where you can ask questions for inclusion on the show.

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