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Cowboys News: Why Tony Romo Situation Is Holding NFL's QB Market Hostage

Latest Cowboys headlines: NFL revises yet another rule after a Cowboys playoff game; big-name QBs "waiting helplessly" until Romo saga is resolved; more

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Cowboys and Tony Romo are holding the QB market hostage - Jonathan Lehman, New York Post

The Dallas Cowboys are playing the QB market to their advantage with how the Tony Romo situation is playing out. Ramifications are being felt around the league, whether other teams want to admit it or not.

The Cowboys’ patient manipulation of what remains of the NFL quarterback market has put Romo in a bizarre status and has left a host of big-name Opening Day starters from last season — Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Robert Griffin III — to wait helplessly for the dust to settle.

Nothing is going to happen quickly unless Jerry Jones and Tony Romo want it to.

NFL officials given more leeway on 'Brice Butler rule' - Kevin Boilard, CBS News

It is a little bit too late for the liking of Cowboys fans, but the NFL has decided to allow a little more leeway on the rule regarding “Illegally entering the huddle”. Brice Butler received an ill-timed unsportsmanlike conduct call for this ‘offense’ during last season’s playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

The rule is designed to prevent the offense from unfairly deceiving the defense with odd mixes of personnel in the huddle. It did not seem as though this was Butler's intention against the Packers last year, as his attention was turned to the sideline the whole time and the Cowboys didn't form a distinct huddle before he exited the field.

It appears that the league is going to allow the officials to use common sense in the decision about enforcing the rule or giving a warning to the team.

Now if they can just figure out what a catch looks like.

Star Evaluation: After Stellar Rookie Year, Brown Big Part of 2017 CB Plans - Nick Eatman,

Anthony Brown made a splash in Dallas in 2016 and his impact has some bearing on the strategy the front office took with the defensive backs who were eligible for free agency this offseason.

With Brown, the Cowboys loved his speed that was clocked as a high as 4.29. But there’s no way they knew Brown would become a reliable corner on defense that not only used his speed, but was a tough tackler not afraid to mix it up in the run game. Brown not only served as the Cowboys’ third corner for most of the season, but he ranked fourth among defensive players in total snaps.

To say they were impressed with the performance of the sixth round selection is an understatement. Now the team will look for him to progress during his sophomore season as he moves into a bigger role in the defense. If Brown continues to develop, don’t be shocked to see him move into a starting role at some point this fall.

Dallas Cowboys Draft 2017: The Strategy Is Likely A Secondary Overhaul - Michael Sisemore, Blogging The Boys

It may be a case of need meeting opportunity, or maybe this has been in the mind of the front office for a while, but the move to revamp the secondary looks a lot like some similar strategy used with the offensive line a few seasons back. Dallas is going for a full overhaul.

The reality is that Carr had one interception in the past three seasons. Claiborne had four for his career which is not what you expect from a sixth-overall pick. Barry Church cost too much and Dallas didn’t seem interested at all in keeping Wilcox. Consider that the deals that Claiborne and Carr signed with their new teams weren’t overly expensive and you can say that the Cowboys weren’t too bothered by letting them go. They’ve wanted to upgrade their secondary for a while and now they get that opportunity.

My BTB colleague hits the nail on the head with this one, or at least he is following my line of thought and beat me to putting the story together.

VIDEO: Scandrick defends Cowboys fans, Elliot [sic] to Stephen A. - ESPN

The worldwide leader doesn't know how to spell Elliott. Regardless, this one is for you, Cowboys fans. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick took a stand to support the fanbase on ESPN. Stephen A. might find us delusional and obnoxious, but Orlando was more than happy to set him straight.

It is nice to see the love returned, and also to see one of the Cowboys leaders handle the situation with class.

I'd be surprised if Jaylon Smith is ready to go; Church will be missed in big way - Matt Mosley, Dallas Morning News

Mosley hit on a variety of topics posed by fans in this piece, including the possibility of drafting another offensive lineman in the opening round to fill Doug Free’s cleats. His answers are sure to give us plenty of food for thought. Here's his titular take on Jaylon Smith.

And to your point about taking players with risks, we'll see where Jaylon Smith is this season. I just don't quite have the optimism about him that others do. The Cowboys medical folks have been very cautious in talking about him. Dr. Jones seems to think he'll be fine. He was a tremendous player at Notre Dame. He's the x-factor coming into this season. I'd be surprised if he's ready to go.

Charles Barkley on Zeke Elliott: 'This Fool Down Here in Dallas' - Newy Scruggs, NBCDFW

Charles Barkley is not one to hide his feelings, and he expresses himself in a matter of fact way. I was never a fan of his game, but I do like the man’s style and the way he sums up the latest antics by the Cowboys running back match exactly what I would say to Zeke if he was my son.

Barkley told the Jim Rome Show, “This fool down here in Dallas…man, you know this kids is so great at football. He already has this domestic thing at Ohio State. Now he’s pulling down girls shirts at Mardi Gras. Dude-this is professional football. This ain’t Ohio State. Grow up and be a man. It just drives me crazy when I see some of this stuff these kids do.”

Throwback: DCC 2017 Calendar Shoot - Dallas

I am not the typical red-blooded football fan, but that certainly does not mean that I don’t realize that a majority of the BTB readership will enjoy this video clip from the mothership.

I am certain that this one will make your Friday a little more enjoyable.

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