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BTB Cowboys Podcast: Answering All Your Questions About The Cowboys Draft

In this episode of the BTB Podcast, host Landon McCool answers questions about the Cowboys potential draft picks and strategies.

2006 NFL Draft Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Greetings BTB!

The BTB Cowboys Podcast is back with another edition today. This time Landon answers many of the questions that were asked in this FanPost. Most weeks we will be taking questions for the podcasts, so be sure to check for the FanPost each week, and ask your questions. Then make sure you listen to see if your questions shows up in the podcast.

This week, Landon tackles some real interesting questions around the roster and the draft. For instance, is Rico Gathers ready to be a player at TE, or do the Cowboys need to go to the draft? And how does James Hanna fit, if at all?

Also, how do the body type requirements, especially around WR and CB, affect the Cowboys in this draft?

Perhaps you want to hear Landon discuss taking an offensive tackle at #28? Hint, he doesn’t like this tackle class and would rather go with Chaz Green.

There are plenty more questions and answers in the podcast, so please, for BTB and for yourself, give it a listen.

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