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Jerry Jones Says It Could Be Until Training Camp For Tony Romo Decision

We have a new deadline for the Tony Romo decision, but can we believe it?

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Jerry Jones has put a new deadline on the Tony Romo saga, or at least hinted that it could take all the way until training camp. According to reporters at the owner’s meetings, Jones said training camp is the key moment.

So much for ending this any time soon, unless Jerry is just trying one more bluff to gin up a trade market. Romo also has multiple options for heading into broadcasting if he retires. That must be the “options” Jones is referencing.

Earlier in the day, Jason Garrett said that the situation is in the hands of Jerry Jones and Tony Romo.

Garrett said Romo and owner Jerry Jones are "the principal people in working that situation through," but the coach offered no insight into an eventual resolution.

"He can play the game at a high level," Garrett said. "Durability has been an issue the past couple of years, so nobody really knows how he can handle the course of a 16-game season.

"But that's true for everybody. You take that risk with everyone on your roster. He's been a great football player for us for a long time."

Even earlier in the day, there was a tweet that Romo might be getting a little uncomfortable with the current situation.

The drama continues.

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