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Jason Witten’s Commitment Through Contract Extension Speaks Well For Cowboys Future

What does the fact that Jason Witten committed for four more years says about the Cowboys and the future?

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Witten is the consummate football player, on the gridiron and in the locker room. His success as a player and a teammate stands on its own. That is why his signing a four-year contract extension a year before his current deal runs out speaks volumes about his feelings regarding the future success of the team.

Witten is the Cowboys all-time reception leader; he will almost certainly become the franchise’s all-time yardage leader the next time he takes the field. He has little left to accomplish in his playing life. He has all but assured himself enshrinement among football’s immortals upon retirement.

The one thing missing? A Super Bowl ring.

With his contract extension it becomes clear the Senator feels that the likely place for him to correct that oversight is in Dallas. He could have played out his existing deal with the Cowboys and then offered his services on the open market or retired. With nothing left to prove about his playing ability and without a serious financial need, it is logical that he would seek the one thing that eluded him: a ring.

The only reason for Witten to commit this early is that he still believes that the Cowboys organization is on the right track to help him achieve the ultimate goal of every player who ever played a down.

Becoming a champion is what drives the best in the game. Many try but only a select few ever achieve the status of World Champion. Every player wants to set himself up to experience that moment at least once during their career. Jason Witten is no different.

His early commitment to the front office and to his teammates indicates that he fully believes that the Dallas Cowboys are on the right track.

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