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Cowboys News: Does This Safety Make Sense In Free Agency For The Cowboys?

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Before we hit the news, be sure to head over to Landon’s latest FanPost were you can submit questions to be answered on an episode of the BTB Podcast this week.

2017 NFL Free Agents: Every Team’s Best Remaining Option On The Market - Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report goes through every team and decides on one free agent still out there that make sense. While some teams get high-profile players like Jay Cutler, Johnathan Hankins, LaGarrette Blount and Adrian Peterson, the Cowboys get safety Rashad Johnson.

Now, the acquisition of veteran Rashad Johnson isn't going to magically fix the Cowboys' issues at the back end of the defense. Johnson is 31 and coming off a down season in Tennessee in which he barely finished inside the top 70 safeties in the NFL per Pro Football Focus.

However, he is a versatile and experienced safety who can play both spots and has 58 career starts over eight NFL seasons. Johnson topped 90 total tackles for the Arizona Cardinals in 2014, and his 15 career interceptions demonstrate a nose for the occasional big play.

Most importantly, Johnson will be available on an inexpensive, short-term contract.

The Cowboys are up against the cap, so anybody they go after will have to be cheap. Dallas could go back into the free agent pool, but it’s looking less likely that will happen until the draft is over.

Of all the players left in free agency, who is the one you think the Cowboys should sign?

NFL Draft 2017 Profile: Defensive End Charles Harris (Cowboys Pre-Draft Visits) - Joseph.Hatz, BTB

Are you on the Charles Harris train as the #28 draft pick? Or are you skeptical? Before you make your mind up you need to go read our review of him, complete with illustrative GIFs. We’ll give you the ending, but be sure to check out the rest.

Conclusion: While Harris would be a perfectly fine selection at 28, I believe that he is a step below Derek Barnett, Taco Charlton, and Takkarist McKinley, and I could perhaps be talked into T.J. Watt over him as well. Many seem to view Harris as an ideal selection at 28 but I just don’t see it. Outside of his spin move and perhaps his first step I don’t see anything elite or special that screams “top-20 pick”, he looks more like a borderline first/early second type. The fact that an overwhelming amount of his production came from just three games out of 12 is a concern for me also.

This guy should go in the Ring of Honor before Romo - Star-Telegram

Usually I don’t post stuff from Mac Engel. Even though he writes for the Star-Telegram, he’s a noted Cowboys hater, and especially has it out for Jerry Jones. But I’m going to go ahead and post his latest, because I’ve seen this argument made elsewhere. If Tony Romo deserves to go into the Ring of Honor, does Danny White?

What the Ring should be is a recognition of the best of a good era of a franchise, of which Romo is.

“If you ask me about Romo, I say yes. If you ask me if I deserve it? I don’t know,” [Danny] White said. “I don’t know if I played long enough. I did play in two Super Bowls, and if it wasn’t for a fingertip tackle on Drew Pearson (in the 1981 NFC title game), I’d like to think we would have won. But that’s life. That’s football.

“I only had five seasons where I started and finished, and I am very proud of those seasons. I had a short time to start, but those were quality years and I am proud of them. A lot of great memories.”

In a work-stoppage filled NFL career, White led the Cowboys to a .674 winning percentage with five winning records, four 10-plus win seasons, five playoff berths, five playoff wins, and three straight NFC title games.

In 10 years as the starting QB of the Cowboys, Romo had a .614 winning percentage with five winning records, three 10-plus win seasons and two playoff wins.

So does Danny White deserve the recognition if Romo does?

Why Quarterbacks Matter For The Cowboys In The 2017 Draft - Tom Ryle, BTB

Speaking of quarterbacks, we might not be thinking about them much for the draft, but they could play a very important role for the Cowboys. Our own Tom Ryle explains why.

The Cowboys, of course, may have the brightest future of any NFL team at the position in Dak Prescott. He stunned the league last season with his performance, and with good health, could be starting in Dallas for a dozen years or more.

So the math here is pretty simple. Any quarterback taken in the first 27 picks is to the Cowboys’ advantage. It will push a player they want one spot closer to them. So how many might we see?

Check out the whole article for some good information.

A’Shawn Robinson: No regrets body-slamming Ezekiel Elliott - Star-Telegram

It was a play that went by with little notice, but it seems to be on one player’s mind. Detroit Lions defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson was flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when he body-slammed Ezekiel Elliott late in the 2016 season.

Elliott wasn’t happy about the play afterward, saying Robinson “was being dirty all game.”

“I think he was a little salty from that Sugar Bowl win we got against him in New Orleans two years ago,” Elliott said afterward.

Elliott was referring to when his Ohio State Buckeyes beat Robinson’s Alabama Crimson Tide, 42-35, in 2015 to advance to the national championship game.

But Robinson brushed off Elliott’s comments.

“It’s football. You’re going to get tackled,” Robinson said. “You’re going to get tackled the way you don’t want to get tackled. Anytime a person kind of does something to pick you up and try to slam you or whatever, I guess you think it’s disrespectful or dirty or whatnot.

“But I think it’s part of the game as long as I’m not trying to break your neck. I pride myself on being physical.”

Here is the play in question, and Robinson appears to be correct, this definitely doesn’t look like a penalty, just a physical tackle.

Travis Frederick on Tony Romo calling Cowboys games from the booth and his Gonzaga doppelganger - DMN

So just how will Tony Romo approach calling games involving his ex-teammates? Travis Frederick wonders if he’ll share too much.

When you go back and watch film, will you go back and listen to Tony Romo when he calls a Cowboys game?

Frederick: I'm not sure I want to hear the truth of what Tony has to say about me. (Laughs) Tony and I have been very close at certain times so I'm curious what sort of inside tidbits he has to share about me. I realize when you're on this side of it, when you're talking into the mic, it's easy to kind of share some of those things.

So, I'm curious to see what he has to say in that regard. I'm sure I'll hear it from the outside world. I think he's going to do a great job, and that's definitely going to be fun when he's going to be back around for that.

This is an interesting subject, though. For instance, what if Jason Witten totally blows a block and gets Dak Prescott hit. How far would Romo go in criticizing Witten? Will he be able to do it objectively? Do you think Romo can do that? Before you answer, read what Romo had to say below.

Some think TV Tony is slam dunk, but this Romo quote won't go over well with non-Cowboys fans - DMN

Here's something Romo said during his introductory conference call that won't play with fans of 31 other NFL franchises: "My feelings are that I'm always going to feel the need to want to talk up the Cowboys. It's like those are your friends. Those are the people you sweat, you bled with. These are the people that you're close with for a long time. So for a while, there is no question I want them to succeed."

Makes you wonder how objective he can be when it comes to the Cowboys.

Hometown NFL hero Crawford brings joy to kids at football camp - Windsor Star

This is the time of year when the players hold their annual football camps. The offseason allows the players a chance to give back. Tyrone Crawford has been doing it up in his native Canada.

There was no doubt Tyrone Crawford was a mountain of a man towering over a sea of children swarming around him.

But the hometown NFL hero — a six-foot-four, 285-pound defensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys — was having a blast Saturday at the University of Windsor while hosting Windsor’s Finest Football Academy for the fourth straight year.

“This feels good, it’s our fourth year and we love it,” Crawford said. “I never got to participate in a camp like this. That’s why I always want to come back and do it for the city.

“Coming back to the city where I am from with some of my teammates and friends who play in the CFL is amazing.

“To be able to coach these kids, give a little mentoring, hopefully they will get something out of this and become leaders, great athletes and good people themselves.”

CowBuzz: Brice Butler Visits The Masters Golf Tournament At Augusta - The Mothership

Now that Romo is gone, who will be the Cowboys resident golf guy? Brice Butler might be making his claim after spending time at the Masters.

Brice certainly looks the part and may have a future in the game! He says he played as a kid but just decided to pick it back up recently. He’s currently shooting in the 90s which is not too bad for someone who plays professional football for half the year.

Shoots in the 90s? Definitely won’t be challenging Romo anytime soon. Here is Brice talking about his experience.

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