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Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft 9.0: A New Name In The First Round For The Cowboys?

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Mockery IX brings upon a new name for the Cowboys in the first round.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are but two weeks away from the NFL Draft and we’re still undecided on who the Cowboys should pick at 28. When you’re picking fourth overall, there are only a few names to go through but when you’re at the end of the first (practically a second-round pick), there is an entire draft that has to shake out in front of you.

For this exercise, we’re not going to worry about any trade scenarios but we will test the chicken or the egg theory once again. There are many of us who would prefer a starting right end in the first and there are those that prefer a cornerback. Edge rushers need guys that can cover, cover guys need guys that can rush. It goes hand-in-hand but the Cowboys just need the best available [defensive] player when their number is called.

Pick 28: The Dallas Cowboys select Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU (CBS: 30, DraftTek: 40)

Oh No! Not another cornerback from LSU for the Cowboys? Well, when that corner has the highest grade on our board, he’s the pick. Another favorite cornerback, Gareon Conley went right before the Cowboys to the Chiefs.

White is the third-best cornerback on the CBS board and was a four-year starter for the LSU Tigers. He’s also one of Dallas’ 30 visits, one of the better cornerbacks over his time at LSU and has done well against receivers like Amari Cooper. White has the experience on the outside as well as inside and has the light feet and mirroring skills to become elite. It’s important to remember that the Cowboys need to cover receivers like Odell Beckham, who routinely line up all over the place. White can cover, has exceptional footwork, and has experience as a punt returner too. He’s a patient player with the burst to close on the ball and has the control to make plays.

Pick 60: The Dallas Cowboys select Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State (CBS: 64, Drafttek: 74)

Willis’ hype train has been choo-chooing for quite some time but has finally leveled off just a bit. Willis is a great player but he’s still very raw and has work to do. He’s not a first-round talent but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give the first-round effort. Willis has an outstanding motor and he tested well off the charts. The tape shows a productive three-year starter that is athletic enough to turn into something very special.

However, he lacks creativity as an edge rusher and needs to learn an array of pass rushing moves to become a consistent edge presence. With that said, on day two, Willis is certainly the best available option for Rod Marinelli to mold into a player who could become dominant down the line.

Pick 92: The Dallas Cowboys select Marcus Maye, S, Florida (CBS: 104, DraftTek: 79)

Maye is well-versed in the duties of a free safety and strong safety but he thrived when asked to play down in the box. That’s because he’s better playing closer to the ball and allowed to react instead of tracking receivers or balls thrown in the air. His eyes are very good and he can move through a quarterback's progressions and find traits to diagnose the play. Maye has quality speed and burst from sideline to sideline. He did give up 10 touchdowns when he was asked to play guys deep down the field and will need work on tracking the ball.

Maye will need to loosen his hips a bit more but he’s a rangy player who is a very physical finisher. He can be trusted to be a part of the last line of defense if ask to. He’s smart and has all the patience and diligence to become a solid NFL starter and contributor on special teams.

Pick 133: The Dallas Cowboys select Julie’n Davenport, OT, Bucknell (CBS: 147, DraftTek: 153)

Though the Cowboys signed Byron Bell and have Chaz Green, it will not stop them from covering themselves by adding younger talent. Davenport is one of those players that has extreme upside but is extremely raw. Davenport has all the traits you look for in a tackle prospect but he needs a ton of work on his technique.

Dallas coaches are some of the best in the business at honing those raw talents and making something better out of them. Davenport dominated the lower-level competition he faced and will now need to prove his worth against professional edge rushers. He’s a very athletic canvas to work with and has the elite arm strength with incredible size for the position.

Pick 211: The Dallas Cowboys select Elijah McGuire, RB, UL Lafayette (CBS: 203, DraftTek: 234)

At this point, the Cowboys would love to have Darius Jackson back but he’s off to another team. Instead, Dallas has the elite talent that is Ezekiel Elliott and two seemingly over-the-hill runners behind him. The Cowboys finally said goodbye to Lance Dunbar in the offseason but would love to add some youth to the stable of runners.

McGuire is one of the better senior running back prospects when it comes to upside. He’s a very good athlete and has a compact frame with good thickness and power in his legs. McGuire has to work on not giving up when there are yards to be had. Still, he’s a quality pass catcher and has speed plus the recognition to make defenders look silly.

Pick 228: The Dallas Cowboys select Treston Decoud, CB, Oregon State (CBS: 287, DraftTek: 261)

He’s got outstanding size and physicality for the position with the ability to recognize all sorts of coverages and react. He has some coverage limitations looking like a strict cover-2 cornerback. He did hold Cal’s Chad Hansen to 16 yards on four targets and is a willing/aggressive tackler. He’s certainly worth the shot in the seventh round. Plus, the Cowboys made him one of their 30 visits too.

Pick 246: The Dallas Cowboys select Keion Adams, DE, Western Michigan (CBS: 275, DraftTek:--)

If you’re looking for a pure pass rush specialist, this might be your guy. He’s got bend, athleticism, and closing burst but he’s kind of a one-trick pony. He’s not going to give you much in run support and he’s not a bull rusher either but if you want a guy screaming off the edge and going after the quarterback, this is your man.